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Automatic Ointment Filling Machine(R30I Soft Tube Filling & Sealing Machine)

It can filling the metal aluminum tube with various materials in a certain number. The material could be ranged from food, daily chemical to chemical and medical extent, etc. Specifically, including food gel, shoe polish, cosmetic cream, face cream, hair dye, facial cleanser, ointment, resin and AB glue etc.

Automatic Ointment Filling Packaging Machine(Star Wheel 30 BPM)

Automatic ointment filling machine is a type of machine used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to fill ointment, cream, or gel products into containers. These machines offer a range of features that make the filling process more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. The machine’s versatility makes it an excellent investment for businesses that produce multiple products.

Automatic Particles Bag Filling Machine ( Speed 10-60 bags per minute )

This type of automatic bag filling&sealing machine is designed for high-accuracy measurement of powder materials.

Automatically fill bags with a wide range of particles quickly and effortlessly with the Automatic Particles Bag Filling Machine. This versatile machine can handle up to 10-60 loads per minute, making it an ideal solution for large volumes of particles. Thanks to its intuitive design and user-friendly operation, you can consistently achieve fast and accurate results every time. Get ready to improve your productivity and free up more time to focus on other tasks as the Automatic Particles Bag Filling Machine speeds up your workflow.

Automatic Silicone Filling Machine(40-60 Cartridges Per Minute)

Silicone filling machines may be fully automated or semi-automated, and can be designed to handle a range of container sizes and shapes.
They can also be customized to meet specific production requirements, such as filling speed, accuracy, and sanitation standards.

Automatic Tincture Filling Machine(Syrup,Essential Oil,Tincture,Speed 20-30 Bottles Per Minute)

Tincture filling machines come in different sizes and configurations, from small tabletop models suitable for small-scale production to large, fully automated systems for high-volume production. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and herbal industries, as well as in food and beverage production, cosmetics, and other industries that require the accurate filling of liquid products.

Cream Cosmetic Ointment Tube Filling Machine(R60 Auto Soft Tube Filling&Sealing Machine)

We employ the imported high-precision PLC system from original German Siemens and imported frequency control system(VicRuns). It is the gear reducer from Taiwan that we adopt in the main motor, which has smaller working sound for a better environment. We also use the original pneumatic(AIRTAC) and photoelectric sensor (SICK) that imported from Siemens.

Cyanoacrylate Filling Machine(Glue 502,AB Glue,30-60 Bottles Per Minute)

A glue filling machine is a device used to fill containers with a specific amount of glue or adhesive. It is typically used in industrial settings where large quantities of glue need to be dispensed quickly and accurately.

Deodorant Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel

A deodorant filling machine is a type of equipment designed to automate the process of filling deodorant products into containers or packaging. It typically includes features such as a conveyor system, filling nozzles, and controls to accurately dispense the deodorant product into the containers. The machine can be programmed to fill a specific volume or weight of deodorant and may incorporate additional functionalities such as capping or labeling. Its purpose is to increase production efficiency and consistency in the filling process.

Deodorant Stick Filling Machine(Hot Melt Glue Stick Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel)

It used for deodorant and plastic glue stick filling and cooling.It contains 4 filling stations for glue stick plate, belt conveyor and cooling tunnel。It’s easy to operate and flexible.

Detergent Liquid Filling Machine(Granule,Detergent,10-50 Bags Per Minute)

A detergent filling machine is a type of packaging machinery used to fill various types of detergent products, such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaning agents, into containers, such as bottles, jars, and pouches.

Drop Filling Machine(E-Liquid,Essential Oil,30-40 Bottles Per Minute)

An eye drop filling machine is a specialized equipment used to fill eye drop bottles with a precise amount of liquid medication. The machine is designed to handle different types of eye drop bottles, including plastic or glass, and can fill a large number of bottles in a short amount of time.

Essential Oil Bottle Filling Machine(Essential Oil,Eyedrops,Speed 20-30 Bottles Per Minute)

The essential oil bottle filling machine typically consists of a conveyor belt that transports the empty bottles to the filling station, a nozzle or series of nozzles that dispenses the essential oil into the bottles, and a control system that manages the filling process. The machine may also include features such as automatic capping and labeling systems to further streamline the packaging process.