Drum Filling Machine

What is the drum filling machine?

A drum-filling machine is an automated machinery that fills drums with different liquids and dry bulk materials. This type of equipment is typically used in industrial settings where high volume and accuracy are required. Drum-filling machines are designed to fill drums quickly, accurately, safely, and efficiently with minimal manual labor. Many drum-filling devices are available today, including semiautomatic, fully automatic, electric, and pneumatic models. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application requirements.

200L Lube Oil Drum Packing Machine: how to fill lube oil into drums automatically(50-100 drums/hour)

What are the types of drum-filling machines?

There are various types of drum-filling machines available in the market. Here is a brief overview of some of these machines:

Gravity-Fed Drum Fillers – These are designed to fill drums quickly and accurately with lightweight or free-flowing materials such as powders and granules.

Piston Drum Fillers – These machines use pumps or plungers to meter the filling material into a drum precisely.

Volumetric Drum Fillers – These utilize drills, screws, or other components to measure and fill specific volumes into drums automatically.

Vacuum Drum Fillers – These machines utilize vacuum technology to draw material from a bulk supply source into drums for accurate filling.

Semiautomatic Drum Fillers are manual fillers with automated features such as weight sensing and flow control systems for greater accuracy and higher speeds than manual filler systems can provide.

How to choose a drum-filling machine for hazardous liquid filling?

Choosing a suitable drum-filling machine for hazardous liquid filling can be daunting. There are a few essential considerations to remember when selecting such a machine.

First, you should consider the type of liquid that needs to be filled. Is it corrosive, explosive, or combustible? Different drums may require different types of machines depending on their properties. If you are dealing with highly corrosive liquids, special equipment is approved for hazardous liquids handling.

Next, it is critical to consider the machine’s capacity; what is the largest and smallest container size that must be filled? Additionally, consider any special requirements such as accuracy and speed. You should also note any other specific needs, such as automation or extra safety features that may be needed for your particular applications.

Finally, you should compare prices from multiple vendors and ensure you get the best value for your money. Ask about maintenance costs, warranties, and return policies before deciding.

200L Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machine(MC2T-200L 2 Head Weighing)

It is an automatic quantitative liquid filling machine. It can be used to fill mechanical lubricating oil, lubricating oil, gasoline, engine oil and other high-capacity barreled oil products, and can be filled efficiently. The working process is manual bucket feeding, automatic bucket blockage detection, automatic bucket matching, mouth down, quantitative separation of fast and slow frequency conversion filling, manual rotation of large and small caps, and machine separation of buckets.

20L Mobil Oil Packing Machine(MC2T-20L)

It can fill mechanical lubricating oil, gasoline, engine oil and other high-capacity barreled oil products and fillserveiciently.

Achieve maximum accuracy and speed with the 20L Lube Oil Drum Filling Machine. This advanced machine provides adjustable rates of up to 150-320 bottles per hour, ideal for high-volume production. This machine ensures precision and accuracy with easy-to-use features and durable construction. Step up your productivity – take advantage of the increased run rate offered by the 20L Lube Oil Drum Filling Machine and get more done in less time.

Lube Oil Filling Machine(MC6T-20L Weighing)

This machine can fill machine lubricating oil, engine oil, gasoline, lubricating oil and other large capacity barreled oil products, and can carry out the efficient filling.

Get the most out of your production with the Automatic Lube Oil Barrel Filling Machine. This powerful machine offers speeds of up to 480-1000 barrels per hour, making it an ideal choice for mass production. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and durable design, this machine provides reliable precision in each application. Reach greater throughput with the Automatic Lube Oil Barrel Filling Machine – make more progress faster.

200L Automatic Lubricant Oil Filling Machine(MC1T-200L)

It can be used to fill large capacity barreled oil products, such as mechanical lubricating oil, mobil oil, engine oil, gasoline, engine oil, etc, it is very efficient.

Increase productivity and accuracy with the Semi-Automatic Lube Oil Barrel Filling Machine. This advanced machine offers adjustable speeds of up to 20-30 bottles per hour, making it the perfect choice for mid-volume production. Featuring a user-friendly interface and reliable design, this machine ensures efficient performance each time. Speed up your production – take advantage of the hassle-free operation of the Semi-Automatic Lube Oil Barrel Filling Machine and get more done in less time.

Semi-Automatic Lubricant Oil Filling Machine(MC1T-1000L Weighing)

It can efficiently fill mechanical lubricating, gasoline, engine, and other high-capacity barreled oil products.

A semi-automatic lube oil IBC filling machine is the perfect way to fill containers in a fraction of the time. With speeds of 8-12 BBLs per hour, these machines help ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy when transferring liquids. Whether refilling large storage tanks or bottling small packages, this semi-automatic lube oil IBC filling machine will do the job efficiently and quickly. Enjoy the reliable performance and smooth operations with minimal manual intervention necessary.

Motor Oil Filling Machine(20L-35L,ZF4 Automatic Weighting Filling Machine)

It can be used in lube oil, chemical material, Detergent, bean oil, industrial oil, paint and other same kinds of goods. It uses PLC control system and the weighing feedback system with the combination of automatic weighing and filling machine. The machine has stable and reliable filling parameter setting, which can be adapted quickly, has high filling accuracy, and can be operated by clicking on the touch screen. In addition, the use of f the roller conveyor model can save transportation time and workload.

Bearing Grease Filling Machine(Speed 10-30 Bottles Per Minute)

It used in manufacturing and processing industries where large quantities of grease are needed for various applications, such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and marine industries.
Grease filling machines typically use a piston or gear pump to transfer the grease from a bulk container into smaller containers.