Tube Filling Machine

What is a Tube Filling Machine?

A tube-filling machine is a specialized industrial machine used to mechanically fill pre-made tubes or cartridges with products such as food, cosmetics, lubricants, pastes, and adhesives. The device typically includes an actuator arm to push product into the tube while simultaneously sealing the end of the line after filling it. The filling process can be semi-automatic or fully automated, depending on the design of the machine and its intended use. Tube-sealing machines are widely used in many industries and have become increasingly popular due to their reliability, speed, and accuracy.

What is a tube filling and sealing machine?

A tube filling and sealing machine is automated packaging machinery used to fill and seal plastic, metal, or composite tubes with various products, such as creams, ointments, food items, adhesives, and more. It can typically accommodate both large-volume production levels and small-scale operations. The machine takes care of the entire process from start to finish, including forming the tube from a preformed blank, filling it with the product according to a predetermined quantity, heat-sealing (or cold sealing) it shut with an adjustable contaminant-resistant knife sealer, trimming off any excess material at the ends of each tube if necessary, cooling the sealed end of the line so that it can be handled without risk of breaking the seal or damaging the box itself, and finally labeling each filled and sealed container.

Silicone Tube Filling Machine: Two minutes to show how does machine fill and seals automatically

How to maintain a tube filling machine properly?

Maintaining a tube-filling machine is essential for ensuring its smooth operation and long-term usability. Here are some tips for keeping your tube-filling engine in good shape:

Regularly inspect the machine parts for signs of wear and tear. Look out for loose screws, broken seals, frayed cables, or any other damage that could prevent the machine from running smoothly.

Clean the equipment regularly to remove any dust or dirt buildup which can interfere with performance. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution not to damage any components.

Tighten all moving parts regularly to reduce friction and prolong their lifespan.

Test the tube filling machine regularly to ensure it’s operating correctly and delivering desired results. Take note of any irregularities or changes in performance and address them immediately by consulting with an expert technician if necessary.

Replace worn-out parts immediately; always check manufacturer instructions before attempting any repairs.

Following these steps will help you keep your tube-filling machine running in top condition, allowing you are continuing efficiency and effectiveness throughout its lifetime!

Automatic Silicone Filling Machine(40-60 Cartridges Per Minute)

Silicone filling machines may be fully automated or semi-automated, and can be designed to handle a range of container sizes and shapes.
They can also be customized to meet specific production requirements, such as filling speed, accuracy, and sanitation standards.

Glue Filling Machine(AB Glue,Glitter Glue,50 Bottles Per Minute)

A glue filling machine is a device used to fill containers with a specific amount of glue or adhesive. It is typically used in industrial settings where large quantities of glue need to be dispensed quickly and accurately.

Semi Automatic Silicone Cartridge Filling Machine(Speed 20-30 Cartridges Per Minute)

A silicone filling machine is used in a variety of applications where silicone materials need to be accurately dispensed into containers. Some common applications of silicone

Silicone Cartridge Filling Machine(Speed 10-30 Bottles Per Minute)

A silicone filling machine is designed to accurately measure and dispense silicone material into containers, such as bottles, tubes, or cartridges. The primary function of the machine is to fill these containers with the correct amount of silicone material, ensuring that each container is filled accurately and consistently.

Toothpaste Filling Machine(Speed 20-45 Tubes Per Minute)

It can be used for filling the material like toothpaste, cosmetic cream, gel, ointment, essential oil and other things. What is more significant is that we can produce the machine according to your own demands.

R30 Cosmetic Tube Filling Machine(Cosmetic,Cream,Lotion,Speed 20-30 Tubes Per Minute)

It can filling the metal aluminum tube with various materials in a certain number. The material could be ranged from food, daily chemical to chemical and medical extent, etc. Specifically, including food gel, shoe polish, cosmetic cream, face cream, hair dye, facial cleanser, ointment, resin and AB glue etc.

L45I Ointment Filling And Sealing Machine(L45I Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine)

It can used for both metal and aluminum tube filling and sealing. Its application range from chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, adhesive and other industries. The specific material filled inside can be food paste, ointment, creams, pigments, adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, silicone etc.

R60 Toothpaste Packaging Machine(Speed 30-65 Tubes Per Minute)

We employ the imported high-precision PLC system from original German Siemens and imported frequency control system(VicRuns). It is the gear reducer from Taiwan that we adopt in the main motor, which has smaller working sound for a better environment. We also use the original pneumatic(AIRTAC) and photoelectric sensor (SICK) that imported from Siemens.

R45 Small Automatic Tube Filling Machine(Capacity 25-45 tubes per minute)

The machine is suitable for both laminated tube and plastic tube. And it is an ideal machine for filling and sealing both soft tube and composite tube.

Various types of hole punch can also be made or sealed by the machine.

The applied range: Daily chemical industry, medicine, food, chemical products, cosmetics. Specifically, including toothpaste, shoe oil, peanut paste, meat paste, adhesive, facial foam, hand cream and BB cream etc.

Whether to use dust covers which is good for medicine, food and other special industries in your products is free for choosing.

L60 Grease Tube Filling Machine(Speed 30-75 Tubes Per Minute)

This is our full-automatic filling and sealing machine for soft plastic (PE, PP, PVC) pipes. It is applicable to paste, adhesive, AB glue, epoxy glue, skin care cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, etc. it can be used for soft plastic pipes and laminated pipes.

Automatic Lipstick Filling Machine(Speed 3000 Pieces Per Hour)

It is used to produce high-quality lipstick and other hot filling new products, such as hip ointment and cosmic pencil. In order to drill more accurately, it uses a servo piston. It uses the maltiple flling model to better fill, and the filling mold uses the automatic circulation system. In order to improve the product quality, the regeneration function is used after filling.

Lip Balm Filling Equipment(Speed 1000-2000 Pieces Per Hour)

It can be used in lipstick and liquid cosmetics, such as lipstick, pen lipstick and eyeliner. The machine uses advanced interface, PLC and network control technology to independently control the mixing speed and temperature of each tank. It can set the time, temperature, switch and conveyor speed through the man-machine interface, which is easy to control, safe and stable.