M30 Super Glue Filling Machine(502 Glue,Super Glue,30-60 Bottles Per Minute)

It can be used to fill and seal plastic bottles, mainly used for super glue, 502 glue, cyanoacrylate glue and other products. This machine has a working plate and two vibrating plastics (based on the cap), with filler heads and 16 positions.

Automatic Front&back Sides Labeling Machine(Speed 20-180 pieces per minute)

It adopts SIEMENS PLC control system, which can operate stably and rarely have faults. The operating system adopts Siemens touch screen, which can directly observe the interface. It is very easy to operate, can freely convert Chinese and English, has help function, and will prompt in case of failure.

Automatic Horizontal Way Labeling Machine(Speed 30-180 pieces per minute)

The machine has a strong suitability for all kinds of flat bottles in food, medicine, cosmetic, etc. Various kinds of specifications of glass and plastic flat bottle, no matter use transparent or opaque adhesive labels,all can in the bottle or the side of the vessel with satisfactory tags.

Box Corner Marking Machine(Speed 50-80 boxes per minute)

It is specially used to label the corner of the box and label on the upper plane and side to prevent disassembly. It can be used for double-sided labeling cards, electronic products, mask boxes, medicine boxes and other anti disassembly labels; self adhesive label, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc; various cartons, such as poker box, mobile phone box and other boxes; widely used in printing, food, daily chemical, electronics, medicine and other industries; nestle box anti disassembly label, card box anti disassembly label, network card box anti disassembly label, mask box, etc. Automatic labeling machine and plane labeling machine can be combined to label continuously.

Double-sided Adhesive Labeling Machine(Speed 120-250 vials per minute)

It is a side labeling machine, which is suitable for flat bottles, round bottles and square bottles with single-sided and double-sided labeling, such as flat bottles of shampoo, flat bottles of lubricating oil, round bottles of hand sanitizer, double-sided labeling, double-sided labeling, double-sided labeling, etc., which can improve the speed of production. It is widely used in daily chemical, cosmetic, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Flat Adhesive Labeling Machine(Speed 50 meters per minute)

The machine can produce labels or no films on the plane, such as folders, books, boxes, cartons, etc. After replacement, it can label uneven surfaces, and often label large plane labels and wide plane objects of printing, stationery, electronics, food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The label head is equipped with a marking machine or spraying machine, which can print the production date, batch number and bar code information. It can be used alone or connected to the production line.

High Speed Adhesive Labeling Machine(Speed 100-350 vials per minute)

Its production is reasonable. The whole labeling process is automatic, easy to operate, very fast, and the labeling is very consistent, beautiful and clean. It can be used to label round containers in some industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

High Speed Servo Horizontal Labeling Machine(Speed 400 bottles per minute)

Take the different round bottles through conversion mechanism into the conveyor belt of the labeling machine. When the bottle enters the labeling area, when it is detected by the electric eye vision, the photoelectric signal is sent to the PLC. After sorting, the signal is output to the servo motor, which marks it, rolls the label on the bottle, and puts the label conveyor belt of the bottle into the next program through the label machine.

Paging Adhesive Labeling Machine(Speed 30-100 per minute)

It can be used to label cards, plastic and paper products with different materials and specifications. The paper products are automatically divided into single sheets and then automatically labeled, such as plastic bags, paper, cartons, prepaid telephone cards, cards, IP cards, 200 and 300 telephone cards, and then check the non drying labels (safety labels, bar codes), etc. The precision of labeling is very high, and no bubbles will be generated; It can automatically identify products and use different parts according to different products.

Shrink Sleeve Label Machine(Speed 150 bottles per minute)

It is customized to the strict requirements of manufacturers and suppliers and can be used alone or integrated with online and matching filling equipment speeds. It is welded with a frame weld and uses food grade stainless steel. This minimizes movement and vibration and ensures label consistency.