Ointment Filling Machine

Automatic Ointment Filling Machine(R30I Soft Tube Filling & Sealing Machine)

It can filling the metal aluminum tube with various materials in a certain number. The material could be ranged from food, daily chemical to chemical and medical extent, etc. Specifically, including food gel, shoe polish, cosmetic cream, face cream, hair dye, facial cleanser, ointment, resin and AB glue etc.

Automatic Ointment Filling Packaging Machine(Star Wheel 30 BPM)

Automatic ointment filling machine is a type of machine used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to fill ointment, cream, or gel products into containers. These machines offer a range of features that make the filling process more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. The machine’s versatility makes it an excellent investment for businesses that produce multiple products.

Cream Cosmetic Ointment Tube Filling Machine(R60 Auto Soft Tube Filling&Sealing Machine)

We employ the imported high-precision PLC system from original German Siemens and imported frequency control system(VicRuns). It is the gear reducer from Taiwan that we adopt in the main motor, which has smaller working sound for a better environment. We also use the original pneumatic(AIRTAC) and photoelectric sensor (SICK) that imported from Siemens.

Resin Aluminum OintmentTube Filling And Sealing Machine(L60aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine)

An automatic ointment capping machine is a specialized equipment used for closing or sealing containers of ointments, creams, and other viscous substances. The machine typically consists of several stations and mechanisms that work together to ensure that the caps are securely applied to the containers.

Semi Automatic Ointment Filling Machine(Speed 1-50 Bottles Per Minute,ZG-1)

The filling machine is a device used to fill skincare products into various containers, such as bottles, jars, and tubes.
Skincare filling machines are equipped with dosing systems that can fill a precise amount of product into each container, ensuring consistent product quality.

V01 Semi Automatic Ointment Filling Machine

The machine typically consists of a hopper or tank that holds the ointment or cream, a filling nozzle or nozzles that dispense the product into the containers, and a control system that regulates the flow of the product and the speed of the filling process.

L45I Ointment Filling And Sealing Machine(L45I Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine)

It can used for both metal and aluminum tube filling and sealing. Its application range from chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, adhesive and other industries. The specific material filled inside can be food paste, ointment, creams, pigments, adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, silicone etc.