Deodorant Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel

It used for deodorant and plastic glue stick filling and cooling.It contains 4 filling stations for glue stick plate, belt conveyor and cooling tunnel。It’s easy to operate and flexible.



Brief Introduction of Our Deodorant Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel:
It has a cooling channel, which can fill and cool the plastic glue stick. It includes 4 filling stations, which are respectively used on the rubber bar plate, belt conveyor and cooling channel.

The Working Process of Our Deodorant Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel:
1. First, put the products to be filled and cooled on the conveyor belt and transfer them to the capping station
2. Place the cover on the product by hand, or it can be equipped with a special automatic cover placement machine.
3. The capping machine moves downward and capping when the product passes through.

Four Competitive Edges of Our Deodorant Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel:
1. The machine is small and covers a small area.
2. The operation is very simple, which can improve efficiency, accuracy and convenience.
3. The material is stainless steel and the appearance is beautiful.
4. Multiple covers can be stamped at one time, which is efficient and time-saving.

Some Matters Needs Attention of Our Deodorant Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel:
1. There are two frost removal tunnels, and 2-4 stations can be selected
2. The frame is stainless steel 304, and the temperature is controlled by digital T.I.C
3. Different products adopt different conveyor speeds and cooling temperatures


Pressure Cap Station
Deodorant Filling Machine



Filling Quantity1-50ml
Gas Consumption0.5-0.6 m³/min
Air Pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Filling MaterialEpoxy resin glue
Capacity20-40 bpm
Hopper Heating Power0.75KW
Heating Temperature72℃
Filling FormPiston Filling
Touch ScreenTECO
Air CylinderCNCO
Approach switchPefun
Variable-frequency DriveTECO
Solenoid ValveSMUK
Screw Caps MotorHongkong Dongfang
Pressure Regulating ValveSUMK


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