Automatic Particles Bag Filling Machine ( Speed 10-60 bags per minute )

This type of automatic bag filling&sealing machine is designed for high-accuracy measurement of powder materials.

Automatically fill bags with a wide range of particles quickly and effortlessly with the Automatic Particles Bag Filling Machine. This versatile machine can handle up to 10-60 loads per minute, making it an ideal solution for large volumes of particles. Thanks to its intuitive design and user-friendly operation, you can consistently achieve fast and accurate results every time. Get ready to improve your productivity and free up more time to focus on other tasks as the Automatic Particles Bag Filling Machine speeds up your workflow.


Bag filling machines are designed to increase productivity and reduce labor costs in industries that require packaging and filling of products in bags.These machines can be fully automated or semi-automated and can handle bags of various sizes, weights, and materials.

Bag filling machines can be integrated with other equipment such as conveyors, bagging scales, and bag sealers to create a complete packaging line.The machines can also be customized to meet specific production needs and requirements.

One of the most important features of bag filling machines is their accuracy.The machines can accurately weigh and fill bags with the exact amount of product required.This ensures that each bag is filled with the same amount of product, which is essential for quality control and customer satisfaction.

Bag filling machines can also improve safety in the workplace.By automating the bag filling process, workers are exposed to fewer hazards and risks, such as lifting heavy bags or exposure to harmful substances.

In addition, bag filling machines can improve product quality and consistency.The machines can fill bags with products without creating dust or spills, which can lead to contamination and product loss.    This ensures that the products are of high quality and meet the required standards.

Features of Bag Filling Machines:

1. Automated filling and sealing: Bag filling machines are often designed to automatically fill and seal bags.    This reduces the need for manual labor and improves the speed and accuracy of bag filling operations.

2. Accurate weighing: Many bag filling machines have built-in weighing systems that can accurately measure the weight of the product being filled.    This helps ensure that each bag is filled with the correct amount of product.

3. Flexibility: Bag filling machines can be designed to handle a wide range of products, bag sizes, and bag types.    They can also be customized to meet specific production requirements.

4. Safety features: Bag filling machines may have safety features such as emergency stop buttons, interlocks, and safety guards to protect workers from hazards.

The Concrete Working Process of Our Automatic Bag Filling&Sealing Machine:
1.The bag is sucked by the chuck and enter the coding part (the coding option: ribbon, hot-to-hard, etc) through the main turntable. After completed coding, the bag will go into the vacuum bag opening part.
2.The vacuum bag opening operator open the bag automatically and blow the air inside.
3.The opened bag enters the rough filling part which is formed with screw filling device, vibrator and dust collector. The screw filling device is driven by the servo motor to make sure the material bucket is stable in a proper position. The filling amount can reach 90% per bag.
4.The shape of vacuum cover can be adjusted based on the size of the bag, so the material is able to fill the bag in a ideal way.
The whole filling process is in a relatively closing space and the dust is sucked away by the vacuum cleaner.

Four Competitive Edges of Our Automatic Bag Filling&Sealing Machine:
1.We adopt the German Siemens PLC control system and a smart touch screen to simply the operation, so the machine can be easy to control and use.
2.We design a speed control device for adjusting the fill frequency according your needs within a certain range.
3.The machine is equipped with automatic detection function to avoid the bag being filled or sealed in incomplete or not-opened way. So the bag can be reused to save a certain amount of cost.
4.The width of bag can be adjusted by the motor. The width of the clamp in machine can be adjusted by the control button. Both of them ensure the convenient operation steps and save the time and cost in a way.



Positionsix positions
Bag Materialcomposite membrane, PP, PE, etc
Bag Typefree-standing bag, flat bag
Bag SizeW:100-210mm L:100-350mm
Rate10 to 60 bag/min
Power Source380V 3phase 50HZ
Working Pressure0.8mpa
Total Power2.5kw
Machine Weight1000kg
Touch ScreenSiemens
PLC ProgrammableGermany Siemens
Frequency ConverterGermany Siemens
CylinderJapan SMC
Solenoid ValveJapan SMC
Proximity SwitchJapan omron
Vacuum Pumpbeck, Germany
Air Switchschneider, France
Vacuum FilterShanghai sono