Sachet Filling Machine

What is a sachet filling machine?

A sachet-filling machine is an automated equipment designed to fill pre-made sachets with products. It ensures efficient and accurate filling of sachets quickly, reducing waste and labor costs. Sachet-filling devices can be used for various products, such as food, drink, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and small parts.

Coffee Sachet Filling Machine: how to fill coffee into sachet and pack (30-60 sachets/min)

What is the difference between a sachet and a pouch-filling machine?

A sachet-filling machine and a pouch-filling machine are automated sealing devices designed to package various products quickly. The main difference is that a sachet machine uses single-use, disposable packing materials while a pouch machine uses multi-use, re-sealable packaging. Sachet machines are more suitable for products with shorter shelf lives, such as liquid food items or medical products, while pouch machines can be used for more durable packages, such as chips or granola bars.

How to Maintain and Service a Sachet Filling Machine

  • Regularly Clean the Machine
  • Check Parts Frequently
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Change Liquid Filters
  • Call in Professional Help

Servicing and maintaining a sachet filling machine ensures it runs smoothly and reliably. Here are some tips for keeping your sachet-filling engine in top condition:

1, Regularly Clean the Machine
Remove any build-up of dirt or dust from the machine by wiping it down regularly with a soft cloth. This helps extend the’s life device and improves its accuracy when filling sachets.

2, Check Parts Frequently
A regular inspection of all parts should be conducted to ensure they are in good working order. Pay particular attention to moving parts, as these can wear out over time and may need replacing.

3, Lubricate Moving Parts
Applying lubricant on moving parts helps to keep them running smoothly and reduces friction which can cause damage over time. Always ensure you use an oil suitable for your specific machine model.

4, Change Liquid Filters
If your sachet filling machine uses liquid filters, changing them regularly is essential to prevent clogging or contamination of the supplied product. This will help ensure accuracy and avoid costly downtime due to product spoilage.

5, Call in Professional Help
If you are ever unsure how you should be servicing your sachet filling machine, don’t hesitate to call professional help. An experienced technician will be able to inspect the device thoroughly, identify any potential problems, and provide guidance on how best to maintain it.

Skincare Sachet Filling Machine(Honey,Ketchup,Oil,Speed 10-40 Bags Per Minute )

It can be used to fill pesticides, shampoo, shower gel, face cream, ingredient oil, jam, tomato sauce, honey shower gel, skin care lotion, toothpaste, cosmetic cream, jam, edible oil, tea, coffee, soy sauce and other food, pharmaceutical and chemical liquids.

Liquid Sachet Filling Machine(Speed 20-40 Bags Per Minute)

The sachet filling machine is a type of packaging machinery used to fill and seal small pouches or sachets with various types of products such as powders, granules, liquids, and pastes. These machines are commonly used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries to package products in small, convenient, and easily transportable pouches.

Tea Sachet Filling Machine(Speed 30-40 Sachets Per Minute)

It can be used to pack broken tea, coffee, ginseng essence, slimming tea, health tea, medicinal tea, tea, herbal beverage and other products. It uses paper / plastic, plastic / plastic / aluminum / plastic, paper / aluminum / plastic, tea paper, line labels and other packaging films.

Enjoy the convenience and reliability of the Tea Sachet Filling Machine. This compact machine offers speeds of up to 30-40 sachets per minute, making it an ideal choice for low-volume production. Thanks to its easy-to-follow operation and intuitive design, this machine consistently produces accurate results with every use. Streamline your workflow – get there faster with the Tea Sachet Filling Machine and get more done in less time.