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Orientation Bottle Labeling Machine(Speed 30-40 BBL per minute)

The product is transported from a position of the labeling machine to the conveyor belt. When the sensor detects the product, it sends a signal and sends the signal back to the labeling control system. The bottle clamping mechanism jams the barrel and rotates rapidly. When the color code photoelectric detection control system controls the corresponding motor to send the label, stay at the product labeling position and label it. The operation process is to place the product on the product conveyor belt. You can connect the line – > transport the product – > bucket handle – > test the product – > locate the product – > label and re label – > collect the labeled products.

Paging Adhesive Labeling Machine(Speed 30-100 per minute)

It can be used to label cards, plastic and paper products with different materials and specifications. The paper products are automatically divided into single sheets and then automatically labeled, such as plastic bags, paper, cartons, prepaid telephone cards, cards, IP cards, 200 and 300 telephone cards, and then check the non drying labels (safety labels, bar codes), etc. The precision of labeling is very high, and no bubbles will be generated; It can automatically identify products and use different parts according to different products.

Positioning Bottle Labeling Machine(Speed 60-100 pieces per minute)

The bottle enters the chart through the conveyor belt. By measuring the bottle magic eye, the PLC signal measurement of a bottle battery eye is triggered. The PLC rear delay control knob is clockwise, which is a working place. When the bottle is at the position of the stroke scale roller, the bottle label test eye at the bottom of the bottle sees the bottle. At the same time, the bottle and the stroke roller rotate clockwise in place to check the PLC signal of the label bottle battery eye. When the positioning eye at the bottom of the bottle sees the sign of the bottom of the bottle, Locate the signals from the electric eye and PLC, PLC controls the delay of the label on the battery, and then cooperate with the roller to firmly stick the label on the surface. After labeling, the star puller rotates a working position clockwise to transport the bottle out, completing the whole labeling process.

Prefilled Syringe Filling Machine ( Speed 1-5000 syringes per hour )

It is a pre-filling machine which is specifically designed for laboratory pre-filling syringes and suitable for filling 1-20ml glass syringe (BD tube).

Rotated Trigger Capping Machine ( Speed 4000-5000 pieces per hour )

This machine capping is manual, and the capping and positioning are automatic.

The high-function cover guiding system ensures that the cover is fed without scratches and the cover is positioned.


Rotor Pump Material Transfer Pump(Speed 2900r per minute)

The manufacturing standards of rotary cam pumps are food, chemical, general, oilfield and special pumps. In order to meet the requirements of various media and processes, the central parts and sealing devices of the product are made of different materials according to different properties of materials. Hengshi rotor has 12 varieties, which can be interchanged in the same pump.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine(Speed 30-150 pieces per minute)

It can be used for labeling the whole cycle and half cycle of various round bottles, such as the labeling of round bottles of various specifications: round cans, round bottles, round cans, etc. in light industries such as cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, etc. The machine is composed of electric cabinet, conveying mechanism, bottle separation device, label rolling device, label brushing device, 1# label machine, operating system and control system.

Sauce Cup Filling Machine ( Speed 30-35 cups per minute )

It uses imported electrical components and pneumatic components, which can operate stably for a long time and reduce shutdown and maintenance time. The material is 304 stainless steel and anodized alumina. It can also operate in harsh environments such as humidity, steam, oil, acid and salt. The fuselage can be washed with water. The automatic cup filling and sealing machine can automatically drop the cup, detect the cup, automatically fill, automatically vacuum, seal the film cup, automatically cover and automatically discharge.

Self-flow Disinfectant Filling Machine(Speed≤2000BPH)

It is a full-automatic direct pressure vacuum filling machine, which integrates light, electricity and gas. It is used to pack disinfectant, pesticide, chemical, water and liquid bottles. Containers of different shapes can be used. It can be matched with capping machine and labeling machine to form a complete production line.

Semi Automatic Syringe Filling Machine ( Speed 10-30 syringes per minute )

We employ the advanced filling system of piston quantification valve in the machine to minimize the filling error.

There is a back suction device in the filling nozzle to make sure no material will be left in the tube. So, the valve and pipeline are convenient for changing and cleaning.