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Hyaluronic Acid Syringe Filling Sealing Machine ( Speed 800-1500 syringes per hour )

The machine is the combination of our latest design, which is suitable for filling plastic syringe. It can be used to handle materials from gel, paste to liquid.

Linear Screw And Press Capping Machine ( Speed 3000 bottles per hour )

It can be used in screw cap and press cap 2 type caps.

The bottle cap is placed on the hopper and then sorting. In the process of covering, the sensor will automatically detect the positive and negative covers.

Linear Screw Spray Gun Cap Machine ( Speed 5000 bottles per hour )

It used PLC programmable control and it can save the data. The machine is electrically and pneumatically controlled with high stability. It can locate the device, cover it in a standard way, and the operation is very simple. The machine meets GMP standards.

Lip Balm Filling Equipment(Speed 1000-2000 Pieces Per Hour)

It can be used in lipstick and liquid cosmetics, such as lipstick, pen lipstick and eyeliner. The machine uses advanced interface, PLC and network control technology to independently control the mixing speed and temperature of each tank. It can set the time, temperature, switch and conveyor speed through the man-machine interface, which is easy to control, safe and stable.

Lip Balm Tube Filler(Speed 1000-1500 Pieces Per Hour)

It can be used to fill lipstick, lipstick, eyeliner, liquid powder and other hot filling products. Our machine is one of the best lipstick tube filling machines and lipstick filling equipment in the world. We have a lot of experience in exporting machines.

Lip Balm Tube Filling Machine(Speed 1-120 Tubes Per Minute)

It can be used in liquid cosmetics, such as lipstick, pen lipstick, eyebrow pencil, lip oil, lipstick, etc. it is made for lipstick demoulding equipment. When the red tube is inserted, the machine can dial automatically, and then put down the mold on the top of the machine.

Lip Gloss Filling Machine(Speed 40 Bottles Per Minute)

It integrates mechanical, pneumatic and automatic functions. It has a high degree of automation, is very stable, and is very popular. It can be used to fill eye black, lip gloss, liquid foundation and other liquid or paste raw materials. It can be used in many places. It is simple and easy to operate. It is suitable for many types and different customers. It is very practical and can improve efficiency.It can carry out automatic bottling and bottle detection. If there is no bottle on the assembly line, it will not be filled and filled. It will be inserted and covered automatically. Compared with other products, this product is more competitive and meets GMP standards.

Lip Gloss Tube Filler(Speed 3000 Tubes Per Hour)

It is used to produce high-quality lipstick and other hot filling new products, such as hip ointment and cosmic pencil. In order to drill more accurately, it uses a servo piston. It uses the maltiple flling model to better fill, and the filling mold uses the automatic circulation system. In order to improve the product quality, the regeneration function is used after filling.

Lip Gloss Tube Filler Machine(Speed 1000-1500 Tubes Per Hour )

It can be used to fill lipstick, lipstick, eyeliner, liquid powder and other hot filling products. It can set the filling system and filling volume of the gear pump. The digital input controls the dosing volume and pump speed, with an accuracy of + / – 0.5%. The silicone mold is preheated manually, and the machine is easy to disassemble and clean, which is very convenient.

Liquid Lipstick Filling Machine(Speed 2400 Pieces Per Hour)

It has four processes: round table meeting for collecting molds and preheating, automatic single nozzle of filling machine, automatic cooling of channel and semi-automatic release of lipstick.

Mixing tank (5000L mixer tank)(Stirring Speed 0-200r per minute)

It has a high-speed disperser. In the process of liquid production, various raw materials will be dissolved, such as AES, AESA, LSA, etc., which can not only save energy, but also reduce the production cycle. The host adopts stepless speed regulation device, which reduces the generation of bubbles and the formation of bubbles under the conditions of low temperature and high viscosity. It can be used to produce liquid washing products such as shampoo, soap liquid, shower gel, dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer and lubricating oil.

Nail Glue Filling Capping Machine(Speed 20-30 Bottles Per Minute)

It can be applied in food, cosmetics, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for example, nail polish, e-liquid, eye drop. It can be used in low dose liquid filling and capping packaging production line. It can fill nail glue into various round, flat glass bottles and plastic bottles, which can be filled with 5-20ml.