Toothpaste Filling Machine

R45 Toothpaste Tube Filing And Sealing Machine(Speed 30-35 Tubes Per Minute)

A toothpaste tube filling machine is a type of automated machinery that is specifically designed to fill toothpaste or other similar products into tubes. The machine works by first placing empty tubes in a holder, which are then fed through a series of stations where toothpaste is filled into the tubes.

Small Carton Packing Machine(Speed 50-60 Boxes Per Minute)

It may also include additional features,such as labeling or capping capabilities,to further automate the packaging process. These machines are commonly used in toothpaste manufacturing plants and other similar industries where large quantities of toothpaste need to be filled and packaged quickly and efficiently.

Toothpaste Filling Machine(Speed 20-45 Tubes Per Minute)

It can be used for filling the material like toothpaste, cosmetic cream, gel, ointment, essential oil and other things. What is more significant is that we can produce the machine according to your own demands.

R30 Cosmetic Tube Filling Machine(Cosmetic,Cream,Lotion,Speed 20-30 Tubes Per Minute)

It can filling the metal aluminum tube with various materials in a certain number. The material could be ranged from food, daily chemical to chemical and medical extent, etc. Specifically, including food gel, shoe polish, cosmetic cream, face cream, hair dye, facial cleanser, ointment, resin and AB glue etc.

R60 Toothpaste Packaging Machine(Speed 30-65 Tubes Per Minute)

We employ the imported high-precision PLC system from original German Siemens and imported frequency control system(VicRuns). It is the gear reducer from Taiwan that we adopt in the main motor, which has smaller working sound for a better environment. We also use the original pneumatic(AIRTAC) and photoelectric sensor (SICK) that imported from Siemens.

V01 Toothpaste Tube Filling Machine

It is a kind of equipment for automatic weighing and packing of liquid materials in chemical, food, pesticide and other industries. The high precision electronic weight detection method is adopted for weighing and measuring.