Cup Filling Machine

What is the cup-filling machine?

The cup-filling machine is a device used to automatically fill cups with liquids, such as beverages, food products, sauces, or other drinks. The cup-filling machine can be used for various applications, including packaging and bottling.

It works by using sensors to detect the volume and weight of each cup before it is filled with liquid. The process is automated, making it quick and efficient. It has helped reduce costs associated with manual labor and increase accuracy in filling volumes.

Sauce Cup Filling Machine: how to fill sauce into cups automatically ( 30-35 cups/min )

The main features of these machines are as follows:

1) High precision filling accuracy;
2) Auto counting;
3) High automation degree;
4) Easy operation and maintenance;
5) High ability of customization;
6) Small footprint size

How does a cup-filling machine work?

A cup-filling machine is automated to fill cups with a product or liquid. The device consists of several components, including a conveyor belt that carries the cups, a fill head that dispenses the product or drinks, and sensors that monitor and control the fill level in each cup.

The machines can be customized to suit different production requirements, such as the volume and speed of cup filling. Generally, they detect when a cup is positioned beneath the fill head and then dispense the appropriate amount of product into it before moving on to the next cup. All mugs are filled and passed along on the conveyor belt for further processing.

What is the difference between a cup-sealing machine and a cup-filling machine?

The main difference between a cup-sealing machine and a cup-filling machine is how they are used. A cup-filling machine is specifically designed to dispense a product or liquid into cups, while a cup-sealing machine is used to seal filled cups by creating an airtight seal.

Cup sealing machines typically involve pressure, heat, and sound to create an airtight seal on the container. Depending on what product or liquid needs to be filled in the cups, different types of machines may be required.

What is the cost of the cup-filling machine?

The cost of a cup-filling machine depends on the type and size of the machine, as well as features such as automated operation, speed, and reliability. Generally speaking, cup-filling devices can range from $1,500 to $50,000 or more.

What are the essential things you need to know before buying a cup-filling machine?

Before purchasing a cup-filling machine, it’s essential to consider the size and number of cups you need it to fill, the speed and accuracy you require, any safety features you deem necessary, and overall cost. Additionally, maintenance requirements and average energy consumption should be taken into account.

Sauce Cup Filling Machine ( Speed 30-35 cups per minute )

It uses imported electrical components and pneumatic components, which can operate stably for a long time and reduce shutdown and maintenance time. The material is 304 stainless steel and anodized alumina. It can also operate in harsh environments such as humidity, steam, oil, acid and salt. The fuselage can be washed with water. The automatic cup filling and sealing machine can automatically drop the cup, detect the cup, automatically fill, automatically vacuum, seal the film cup, automatically cover and automatically discharge.

Yogurt Filling Machine ( 600-800 cups per hour )

It uses the piston cylinder to fill the material in the glass. It can be used in food, chemical industry, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries. It can be used for filling liquids, especially high viscosity materials and foaming liquids, such as yogurt, soy sauce, jam, soy sauce, ketchup, honey, butter, lubricating oil, etc.