Vial Filling Machine

What is a Vial Filling Machine?

A Vial Filling Machine is a piece of automated equipment used to fill vials with products such as liquid medicine, chemical reagents, and powder. The machine is typically installed inside an assembly line. It uses robotic arms, sensors, and other advanced technologies to precisely measure and transfer the product into the container without contamination. In addition, it can also be used to seal the containers with foil lids or caps.

What is the difference between a vial filling machine and a syringe sealing machine?

A vial-filling machine is a type of automated machinery that is used to fill liquid or powder into glass or plastic containers. On the other hand, syringe-filling machines are specialized machines that are used to fill liquid medication into prefilled syringes.

Both types of machines have their advantages and disadvantages. Vial-filling appliances are typically cheaper, more efficient, and easier to use than syringe-filling machines. However, they are not as precise as syringe-filling machines and can’t handle viscous substances like gels or ointments.

Syringe-filling machines are more expensive than vial-filling machines but can fill exact doses of medicines with a higher accuracy rate. Additionally, these machines can also be used for injectable drugs as well as for liquids.

In conclusion, it is essential to consider both types of equipment when deciding what filling machine is your purpose. Depending on your needs, either one could be your better option.

Manual Perfume Filling Machine(Speed 10-40 Bottles Per Minute)

Manual perfume filling machines are often used by small businesses or hobbyists who do not have the budget or volume of production to justify investing in an automated or semi-automated system. These machines are simple, easy to operate, and require minimal maintenance.

Perfume Bottling Machine(Speed 20-30 Bottles Per Minute)

The machine is designed to handle the liquid perfume with care, avoiding spillage and wastage.
The machine can be adjusted to accommodate different bottle sizes and shapes, and can also be programmed to fill a specific volume of perfume.

Automatic Alcohol Vial Filling Machine(Speed 30-90 Bottles Per Minute)

This machine is independently developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, scientific research and other industries. It can be used for various low-dose liquid filling caps, such as medical alcohol, oil, injection and so on. It meets GMP requirements.

Dropper Bottle Filling Machine ( Speed 30-40 bottles per minute )

It can put E-liquid, essential oil and vg-pg seed oil into various round bottles, which can be filled with 5-50ml. Provide a regular positioning cam and cork plate with high precision; The acceleration cam moves the head up and down; Continuously rotate the screw cap of the arm; Peristaltic pump to measure the filling volume; Any operation can be carried out through the touch screen. Without bottles, filling and capping, the position of the machine is very high.

Dropper Bottle Filling Machine with Dust Cover ( Speed 30-40 bottles per minute )

It can be used to fill various round bottles, such as E-liquid, essential oil, VG PG seed oil, etc. it can fill 5-50ml. High precision cam provides a regular plate for positioning, cork and bottle cap; Accelerate the cam, and the cover head will move up and down; Continuously rotate the screw cap of the arm; Peristaltic pump to measure the filling volume; All actions can be controlled by touch screen.

E-liquid Filling Capping Machine ( Speed 20-30 bottles per minute )

It can be used in daily chemistry, cosmetics industry; Can also be used for filling small glass bottles and plastic bottles, such as electronic liquids, essential oils, syrup, etc. It is used to fill all kinds of electronic liquid bottle caps. According to customer filling material viscosity, can choose piston filling system or peristaltic pump filling system.

E40 Eye Drops Filling Machine ( Speed 20-30 bottles per minute )

It is used in liquid production line and meets the requirements of GMP. For example, essential oil, eye-drops, syrup, e-liquid and other dose liquid into various round and flat plastic bottles with the range from 50-120ml. The cam has high precision and can provide a regular plate for positioning. It can accelerate the cam, which move the cover up and down, and constantly rotate the arm screw cap; Measure the filling volume with piston pump; Then control the filling volume through the touch screen.

Skincare Filling Machine(Skincare, Gel, Cream, Speed 30-40 Bottles Per Minute)

A skincare filling machine is a specialized type of equipment used specifically for filling skincare products, such as creams, lotions, serums, and oils, into various types of containers or packaging. It is designed to meet the specific requirements of skincare product manufacturers and ensures efficient and precise filling of these products.

L40 Perfume Bottle Filling Machine(Speed 20-30 Bottles Per Minute)

Perfume filling machine varry out three automatic filling. Vacuum negative pressure is used and During the filling process, if the machine does not sense the bottle, it will not fill.Auto dropping of crimp pump cap, circulation of spray bottles’ die set. We can customize the machine according to your requirements by container size and filling capacity. This machine has automatic bottles feeding (Also can use choose manual load bottle) automatic filling, automatic pump cap capping head, pre-capping head for regulate and tighten up pump cap head and automatic capping etc.

30ml Bottle Filling Machine(Speed 60-90 Bottles Per Minute)

It is one of the traditional filling and capping equipment. It is used in food, medicine, chemical industry, scientific research and other industries. It can fill and cap all kinds of low-dose liquids, such as oil and injection. It can automatically fill and cap bottles. The design is novel and reasonable. It is suitable for filling and capping bottles of various materials such as liquids, such as perfume, syrup, tincture, alcohol, wine, etc. It can be used alone or on the filling line, meeting the new GMP standard and EU certification.

Penicillin Bottle Filling Machine ( Speed 30-90 bottles per minute )

This machine can be used in food, medicine, chemical industry, scientific research and other industries to fill and cover all kinds of low-dose liquids, such as oil and injection.

Semi Automatic Perfume Filling And Sealing Machine(Speed 30-50 Bottles Per Minute)

It includes one working disk and two vibrating plates. It has 3 filling heads and 16 positions. It is mainly used for filling and sealing glass bottles perfume.