Honey Filling Machine

Automatic Cream Soap Piston Filling Machine ( Speed 1-3000 bottles per hour )

The machine is suitable for industries from food, chemical, medical to cosmetics and agrochemical. The contents can be ranged from filling liquid to high viscosity materials and foamy liquid, including oil, ketchup, sauce, honey, shampoo, lotion etc.

Honey Stick Packing Machine ( Speed 20-40 sticks per minute )

Streamline your honey stick packing process with the Honey Stick Packing Machine. This powerful machine offers speeds of up to 20-40 sticks per minute, allowing you to quickly and efficiently package your honey products. Thanks to its robust construction and intuitive design, the Honey Stick Packing Machine ensures accuracy every time. Plus, they benefit from superior efficiency – get more done in less time and free up resources for other tasks. With the Honey Stick Packing Machine, you can quickly boost productivity levels.

ZF12 Sauce Filling Machine(Speed 3000BPH)(Base on 350ml)

ZF12 Sauce filling machine is suitable for filling liquid, such as high viscosity material and foam liquid, general filling oil, sauce, tomato sauce, syrup, detergent, honey, shampoo, lotion, lubricating oil, etc. It is widely used in food, chemical, medicine, cosmetics, agrochemical and other industries.