Detergent Liquid Filling Machine(Granule,Detergent,10-50 Bags Per Minute)

A detergent filling machine is a type of packaging machinery used to fill various types of detergent products, such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaning agents, into containers, such as bottles, jars, and pouches.



The machine works by automatically measuring and filling a precise amount of detergent into each container, based on the pre-set parameters.  Some detergent filling machines are designed for liquid products, while others can handle powders or granules.

Detergent filling machines can be fully automated or semi-automated, and they can vary in size and capacity depending on the specific needs of the manufacturer.  They are commonly used in the production and packaging of household and commercial cleaning products.

A detergent filling machine is designed to accurately and efficiently fill containers with various types of detergent products.  These machines can handle liquid, powder, and granular detergents, and can fill a wide range of container sizes and shapes, including bottles, jars, pouches, and bags.


The process of filling detergent containers typically involves the following steps:

1.Container Feeding: The containers are fed into the machine using a conveyor belt or other automated system.

2.Dosing: The machine measures the correct amount of detergent to fill each container.  The dosing system can be adjusted to accommodate different container sizes and product viscosities.

3.Filling: The detergent is dispensed into each container through a filling nozzle or other dispensing mechanism.

4.Capping: After filling, the containers are capped or sealed using a separate capping machine or integrated capping system.

5.Labeling and Packaging: Once filled and capped, the containers may be labeled and packaged for shipment.


Here are some key advantage:

1.Increased Efficiency: Detergent filling machines can fill containers much faster than manual filling, increasing production output and reducing labor costs.

2.Improved Accuracy: Detergent filling machines are designed to fill each container with a precise amount of detergent, ensuring consistency in product quality.

3.Improved Safety: Using a detergent filling machine can reduce the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual filling, such as repetitive motion injuries or exposure to hazardous chemicals.

4.Flexibility: Detergent filling machines can handle a wide range of container sizes and shapes, and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different types of detergents, such as liquids, powders, or granules.


Overall, a detergent filling machine helps to improve efficiency and accuracy in the production and packaging of detergent products.  By automating the filling process, manufacturers can increase their output and reduce the risk of errors or inconsistencies in product quality.


Bag material

Compound mold

Bag type

Zipper free standing

Bag size

W: 100-210mm

L: 100-350mm














380V 3 Phase 50HZ/60HZ





Compressed air

0.6m ³ /min