High Speed Syringe Filling Machine ( Speed 5000 syringes per hour )

Powerrig’s product can range from vacuum settings, liquid filling to the laboratory series. They have got over ten varieties with elaborate efforts in every product. Therefore, Powerrig win their reputation by stable performance and ongoing principle of customer-foremost.

Hyaluronic Acid Syringe Filling Sealing Machine ( Speed 800-1500 syringes per hour )

The machine is the combination of our latest design, which is suitable for filling plastic syringe. It can be used to handle materials from gel, paste to liquid.

Prefilled Syringe Filling Machine ( Speed 1-5000 syringes per hour )

It is a pre-filling machine which is specifically designed for laboratory pre-filling syringes and suitable for filling 1-20ml glass syringe (BD tube).

Semi Automatic Syringe Filling Machine ( Speed 10-30 syringes per minute )

We employ the advanced filling system of piston quantification valve in the machine to minimize the filling error.

There is a back suction device in the filling nozzle to make sure no material will be left in the tube. So, the valve and pipeline are convenient for changing and cleaning.

Syringe Filling Machine(Speed 200-1200 Syringes Per Hour)

Manually put the set syringe on the special membrane. Then hang them together on the plate which will put the syringe in order for the next step. The machine will automatically load them in succession into the filling dial which rotates intermittently and completes the filling for once. After that, the filled syringe are inserted into the dial wheel and are transported to the next procedure.