10ml 30ml Bottle Filling Machine

How Much Does a 10ml 30ml Bottle Filling Machine Cost?

The cost of a 10ml 30ml bottle filling machine varies depending on several factors, including the machine’s automation level, capacity, and manufacturer. On average, prices can range from $2,000 for basic mini bottle filling machines to over $20,000 for advanced, fully automated small bottle filling and capping machines. It’s important to consider the specific needs of your production line and your budget when evaluating the small bottle filling machine price.

Small Bottle Filling Machine(essential oil filling machine essential oil bottling machine)

How Do I Choose a Small Bottle Filling Machine?

Selecting the right small bottle filling machine involves several considerations:

  1. Production Volume: Determine your production needs. For small-scale operations, a mini bottle filling machine might suffice, while larger operations may require more advanced small bottle fillers.
  2. Type of Liquid: The nature of the liquid being filled (viscosity, corrosiveness, etc.) will influence the type of small liquid filling machine you need.
  3. Automation Level: Decide between manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic machines based on your production capacity and budget.
  4. Manufacturer and Supplier: Choose reputable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure reliability, quality, and good after-sales support.
  5. Budget: Evaluate the small liquid filling machine price to ensure it fits within your budget while meeting your production requirements.

What Are the Types of Small Bottle Filling Machines?

There are various types of small bottle filling machines designed to cater to different production needs:

  1. Manual Small Bottle Filling Machine: Suitable for very small-scale operations or startups. These machines require manual operation and are typically more affordable.
  2. Semi-Automatic Small Bottle Filling Machine: Offers a balance between manual and automated functions, making them ideal for mid-scale production. They require some human intervention but are faster and more efficient than manual machines.
  3. Automatic Small Bottle Filling Machine: These machines are fully automated and can handle large-scale production with minimal human intervention. They are equipped with advanced features for precision and efficiency.
  4. Mini Bottle Filling Machine: Specifically designed for very small bottles (10ml and 30ml), these machines offer precise filling capabilities and are ideal for niche products or limited runs.
  5. Small Bottle Filling and Capping Machine: Integrates both filling and capping functions, providing a complete solution for bottling processes. These machines are efficient and reduce the need for separate equipment.

What is the Capacity of a 10ml 30ml Bottle Filling Machine?

The capacity of a 10ml 30ml bottle filling machine can vary based on the machine type and design. Manual machines typically have a lower capacity, filling a few hundred bottles per hour. Semi-automatic machines can fill between 500 to 1,000 bottles per hour, while fully automatic machines can handle upwards of 3,000 bottles per hour. The specific capacity will depend on the machine’s specifications and the nature of the liquid being filled.

Automatic Alcohol Vial Filling Machine(Speed 30-90 Bottles Per Minute)

This machine is independently developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, scientific research and other industries. It can be used for various low-dose liquid filling caps, such as medical alcohol, oil, injection and so on. It meets GMP requirements.

Dropper Bottle Filling Machine with Dust Cover ( Speed 30-40 bottles per minute )

It can be used to fill various round bottles, such as E-liquid, essential oil, VG PG seed oil, etc. it can fill 5-50ml. High precision cam provides a regular plate for positioning, cork and bottle cap; Accelerate the cam, and the cover head will move up and down; Continuously rotate the screw cap of the arm; Peristaltic pump to measure the filling volume; All actions can be controlled by touch screen.

30ml Bottle Filling Machine(Speed 60-90 Bottles Per Minute)

It is one of the traditional filling and capping equipment. It is used in food, medicine, chemical industry, scientific research and other industries. It can fill and cap all kinds of low-dose liquids, such as oil and injection. It can automatically fill and cap bottles. The design is novel and reasonable. It is suitable for filling and capping bottles of various materials such as liquids, such as perfume, syrup, tincture, alcohol, wine, etc. It can be used alone or on the filling line, meeting the new GMP standard and EU certification.

LL45 Automatic 30ml Filling Machine(Small Glass Bottle Liquid Filling Machine,Speed 20-40 Bottles Per Minute))

It can be used in glass bottle, plastic bottle, perfume, spray, syrup, oil lotion and liquid,material, eye drop, cosmetic oil, e-liquid, gel, and other products. Dropper bottle, cork bottle, rubber cork bottle, chubby gorilla bottle and small bottle can also be drip irrigation. Penicillin bottle and spray bottle can customize different bottle caps according to customers’ needs.

Small Bottle Filling And Capping Machine(E-Liquid,Essential Oil,VG PG Seed Oil,Speed 30-40 Bottles Per Minute)

It is applied to fill small bottle into various round and flat plastic bottles or glass bottle. The range is from 10 to 150ml. The cam has high precision, which can offeres a regular plate to position, corking and capping.