ZF12 Wax Chili Sauce Filling Machine ( Speed 3000 bottles per hour )

It can fill liquid, such as high viscosity material and foam liquid, oil, sauce, tomato sauce, honey, shampoo, emulsion lubricating oil and so on. It can be widely used in food, chemical, medicine, cosmetics, agricultural and chemical industries.

ZF4 Oil Filling Capping Machine ( Speed 300 bottles per hour )

It can be used in lube oil, chemical material, Detergent, bean oil, industry oil, paint and other same kinds of goods.

The ZF4 Oil Filling Capping Machine is an ideal solution for businesses looking to speed up the oil filling and capping processes. With impressive speeds of up to 300 bottles per hour, this efficient machine offers precise and accurate results with minimal manual intervention. Enjoy a fast and reliable operation without additional costs due to operational delays or errors. The ZF4 oil-filling capping machine is perfect for any oil-filling task that requires efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.