Semi Automatic Ointment Filling Machine(Speed 1-50 Bottles Per Minute,ZG-1)

The filling machine is a device used to fill skincare products into various containers, such as bottles, jars, and tubes.
Skincare filling machines are equipped with dosing systems that can fill a precise amount of product into each container, ensuring consistent product quality.



A semi-automatic ointment filling machine is a device that partially automates the filling process for ointment products.  These machines are designed to fill different types of ointment products, such as creams, lotions, gels, and serums, into various containers, such as bottles, jars, and tubes.  Here are some features of a semi-automatic ointment filling machine:

1.Manual loading and unloading: The machine requires manual loading of the containers and unloading of the filled containers.

2.Automated filling: The machine is equipped with a dosing system that automates the filling process, ensuring accurate and consistent filling of each container.

3.Multiple filling technologies: Semi-automatic ointment filling machines can use different filling technologies, such as piston, peristaltic, and gear pumps, to fill products of different viscosities.

4.Easy to operate: The machine is designed to be easy to operate, with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training.

5.Flexibility: Semi-automatic ointment filling machines can handle different container sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a range of production needs.

6.High accuracy: Semi-automatic ointment filling machines ensure precise and consistent filling of each container, resulting in high product quality.

7.Cost-effective: Semi-automatic ointment filling machines are less expensive than fully automatic machines and offer a good balance of efficiency and affordability.

Overall, semi-automatic ointment filling machines are ideal for small to medium-scale production of ointment products.  They offer efficient and accurate filling of different products into various containers, providing consistency and quality in production.


Air Pressure0.4-0.6MPa 
Filling Speed1-50 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy±1%
Filling Range10-20ML. 25-250ML.
250-2500ML. 1000-5000ML
Weight60 Kg
Filling MaterialJuice, Oil, Water, Sauce, Toothpaste, Cosmetic Cream, Hand Cream, Honey and etc
Note: If you need special customization. please feel free contact me.