Plastic Syringe Filling Machine ( Speed 3000 syringes per hour )

It can be used in the plastic syringe can be filled with various liquids, gelatin or paste.




Brief Introduction of Our Plastic Syring Filling Machine:

It can be used in the plastic syringe can be filled with various liquids, gelatin or paste.

The Working Process of Our Plastic Syring Filling Machine:
1.The syringe is sorted by a hat sorter. The propeller has been placed in the syringe and put it at the bottom, and then the syringe is transferred to the main workstation through the rotating wheel.
2.The filling stationis filled with ceramic filling pump, the filling nozzle seals the syringe tip from bottom to top through pressure filling, and the piston movement is driven by servo motor. The filling volume and speed can be set and adjusted on the touch screen.
3.The bottle cap is transferred to the bottom of the syringe through the vibrating disk, and then the bottle cap is moved upward by the cylinder.
4.Rotate the dial to the discharge station, pull down the syringe from the dial through the discharge rod, and then slide the slider to collect, sliding once.



Voltage220V 50Hz
Motor Power2KW
Filling speed3000pieces/hour
Filling accuracy+-1%
Filling volume5-50ml
Material tank20L(SUS 316)
Air supply0.6Mpa
Air consumption10 m³/h
Filling nozzle1
Plugging nozzle1
Touch screenProface(Japan)
PLCMitsubshi( Japan)
Frequency converterDanfoss(Denmark)
Servo motorDorna
High precision ball screwABBA(Taiwan)
Filling pumpCeramic filling pump(customized for gel)
Switching powerMean Well(Taiwan)
Pneumatic elementSNS
Photoelectric detection switchAutonics(Korea)
Proximity switchAlif(Taiwan)
Machine surfaceSUS 304
Filling nozzleSUS316



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