Manual Perfume Filling Machine(Speed 10-40 Bottles Per Minute)

Manual perfume filling machines are often used by small businesses or hobbyists who do not have the budget or volume of production to justify investing in an automated or semi-automated system. These machines are simple, easy to operate, and require minimal maintenance.



Manual perfume filling machines are basic devices that are designed to fill perfume bottles manually.  

Here are some common features of a manual perfume filling machine:

1.Simple design: Manual perfume filling machines are designed to be simple and easy to use, with minimal moving parts.  This makes them easy to operate and maintain.

2.Manual filling: Manual perfume filling machines require the operator to fill the perfume bottles manually using a funnel or pipette.  This can be time-consuming and requires a skilled operator to ensure consistent filling accuracy.

3.Small scale: Manual perfume filling machines are best suited for small-scale production, such as for small businesses or hobbyists.  They are not suitable for high-volume production due to their slow filling speed.

4.Versatility: Manual perfume filling machines can handle different bottle sizes and shapes, allowing for flexibility in production.  They are also suitable for filling a range of perfume formulations, including oils, alcohol-based perfumes, and more.

5.Low cost: Manual perfume filling machines are affordable and require minimal investment compared to automated or semi-automated systems.  This makes them a popular choice for small businesses or those just starting out in the perfume industry.

Overall, manual perfume filling machines are a basic yet effective solution for small-scale perfume production.  They offer simplicity, flexibility, and affordability, although they do require a skilled operator to ensure consistent filling accuracy.

Machine Materia
Filling Head
Machine Detail


Filling Volume5-1000ml
Filling Nozzle4 or 6 nozzles
Output10-40 bottles per minute
Filling Error+/-1%
Applicable Bottle Body Diamter≤φ90mm
Maximum Diameter≤φ20mm
Power Supply3/N AC380V/220V
Air Extraction Rate5.5 (explosion-proof type 4)