High Speed Servo Horizontal Labeling Machine(Speed 400 bottles per minute)

Take the different round bottles through conversion mechanism into the conveyor belt of the labeling machine. When the bottle enters the labeling area, when it is detected by the electric eye vision, the photoelectric signal is sent to the PLC. After sorting, the signal is output to the servo motor, which marks it, rolls the label on the bottle, and puts the label conveyor belt of the bottle into the next program through the label machine.



A high-speed servo horizontal labeling machine is an advanced industrial machine used for labeling products or packages horizontally at a high speed. It incorporates servo motor technology, which provides precise control and synchronization for efficient labeling operations. This type of machine is commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and logistics.


Key features of a high-speed servo horizontal labeling machine may include:

1. Servo-driven system: The machine utilizes servo motors for precise control of labeling speed, positioning, and synchronization, ensuring accurate and consistent label application.

2. High-speed operation: These machines are designed to operate at a rapid pace, allowing for efficient labeling of products or packages in high-volume production environments.

3. Horizontal labeling capability: The machine is specifically designed to apply labels horizontally onto the side or top surface of products or packages, as required by the application.

4. Adjustable labeling parameters: Users can easily adjust label placement, alignment, and other parameters to meet specific labeling requirements for different product sizes and shapes.

5. Label detection and alignment systems: High-speed servo horizontal labeling machines often feature advanced sensors and vision systems to detect product position, orientation, and label presence, ensuring accurate label placement.

6. User-friendly interface: These machines typically come with a user-friendly control panel or interface, allowing operators to easily set up and adjust labeling parameters, monitor machine performance, and troubleshoot issues.

7. Compatibility with various label types: They can handle a wide range of label materials, including paper, film, transparent, or holographic labels, providing versatility for different labeling applications.

8. Robust construction: High-speed servo horizontal labeling machines are built with durable materials to withstand the demands of continuous high-speed operation, ensuring long-term reliability.

9. Integration capabilities: These machines can often be integrated into existing production lines, allowing for seamless integration with other equipment such as conveyors, fillers, and capping machines.

10. Quality control features: Some machines may include inspection systems to verify label accuracy, such as barcode verification, print quality inspection, or label presence/absence detection.

Overall, a high-speed servo horizontal labeling machine offers advanced features and capabilities to streamline the labeling process, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate label application at high speeds in various industries.



Voltage specification220V 50/60hz
Air pressure supply5KG
Power consumption2.5KW
Printer air source5Kg/cm2
Labeling speed400 bottles/min (speed adjustable, depending on bottle size and label length)
Labeling accuracy±0.5mm
Container rangeoutside diameter 10mm ~ 22mm, height 20mm ~ 120mm
Label specificationheight 10mm ~ 90mm length 10mm ~ 80mm
Paper roll diameterф 76 mm, outside the paper roll roll: ф 350 mm (maximum)
Label clearance3mm, label roll clockwise
WeightN.W, G.W 350 kg/T: 450 kg
External dimensions2500mm×1650mm×1300mm

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Part namelabelplace of origin
Labeled motoromronJapan
Labeled motor driveomronJapan
Conveyor belt motorA batteryshanghai
Conveyor belt motor gear boxshanghai
Paper horselappingGermany
Paper horse up to gear box
Wheel attached motor
Wheel attached motor gear box
Separating motor
Separating motor gear box
Frequency converteromronJapan
Label eyekeyenceJapan
Label detected electric eyekeyenceJapan
Receiving stop proximity switchomronJapan
Programmable controller (PLC)omronJapan
Electromagnetic relayomronJapan
Electromagnetic valveJapan
Proximity switchomronJapan
Marking machinepneumaticJapan