ZF6 Honey Packaging Machine(Honey,Oil,Sauce,Speed 1300-1500 Bottles Per Hour)

The machine is suitable for industries from food, chemical, medical to cosmetics and agrochemical. The contents can be ranged from filling liquid to high viscosity materials and foamy liquid, including oil, ketchup, sauce, honey, shampoo, lotion etc.



A honey packaging machine is a specialized industrial equipment high viscosity piston filler designed to automate the process of packaging honey into various types of containers, such as jars, bottles, or pouches.   These machines are commonly used in the food industry, specifically in honey production and packaging facilities.

Key features and functionalities of a honey packaging machine may include:

1. Container handling: The machine is capable of handling different types and sizes of containers commonly used for honey packaging, such as jars, bottles, or pouches.

2. Automatic filling system: Honey packaging machines are equipped with mechanisms for accurately measuring and dispensing the desired amount of honey into each container.   This can include volumetric fillers, piston fillers, or gravity fillers.

3. Sealing mechanisms: The machine includes sealing mechanisms appropriate for honey packaging, such as capping or sealing machines to ensure proper sealing of containers and maintain product freshness.

4. Adjustable filling parameters: These machines offer adjustable settings for filling volume, container size, and sealing time, allowing for customization and adaptation to different honey packaging requirements.

5. Product integrity and hygiene: Honey packaging machines are typically constructed with materials that comply with food safety regulations and feature easy-to-clean surfaces, ensuring product integrity and minimizing the risk of contamination.

6. High-speed operation: Honey packaging machines are designed for high-speed production to meet the demands of large-scale honey processing and packaging, ensuring efficient packaging and higher productivity.

By utilizing a honey packaging machine, honey producers can automate the packaging process, enhance production efficiency, maintain product quality, and optimize the packaging of honey products, improving overall operational effectiveness.

Filling Head
Servo Motor
Piston Cylinder
Take Off Piston Cylinder


Filling Volume100-1000mlFilling nozzle8 nozzles
Filling Error≤ 3%Capacity≤ 3000BPH
Suitable Filling MaterialOil,shampoo,detergent,sauce, honey, etcSuitable Barrel Length180-330mm
Suitable Barrel Width120-250mmSuitable Barrel Height80-450mm