Tea Sachet Filling Machine(Speed 30-40 Sachets Per Minute)

It can be used to pack broken tea, coffee, ginseng essence, slimming tea, health tea, medicinal tea, tea, herbal beverage and other products. It uses paper / plastic, plastic / plastic / aluminum / plastic, paper / aluminum / plastic, tea paper, line labels and other packaging films.

Enjoy the convenience and reliability of the Tea Sachet Filling Machine. This compact machine offers speeds of up to 30-40 sachets per minute, making it an ideal choice for low-volume production. Thanks to its easy-to-follow operation and intuitive design, this machine consistently produces accurate results with every use. Streamline your workflow – get there faster with the Tea Sachet Filling Machine and get more done in less time.


A tea sachet filling machine is a specialized industrial equipment designed to automate the process of filling and sealing sachets or packets with tea leaves or tea bags. These machines are commonly used in the tea industry to enhance production efficiency and maintain product quality.

Key features and functionalities of a tea sachet filling machine may include:

1. Automatic sachet forming: The machine can automatically form sachets or packets from roll stock or pre-cut filter paper or non-woven material, depending on the type of tea packaging.

2. Tea filling system: These machines are equipped with mechanisms to accurately measure and dispense the desired amount of tea leaves into each sachet or insert pre-manufactured tea bags into the sachets. The filling process can vary based on the type of tea and packaging format.

3. Sealing mechanism: The machine seals the filled sachets to ensure product freshness and preserve the flavor and aroma of the tea. Different sealing methods such as heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing may be used depending on the sachet material.

4. Sachet size and shape flexibility: Tea sachet filling machines are often designed to accommodate various sachet sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, or pyramid-shaped sachets, to meet different market preferences.

5. Adjustable filling parameters: These machines offer adjustable settings for filling volume, sachet size, and sealing time, allowing for customization and adaptation to different tea blends and packaging requirements.

6. Hygiene and cleanliness: Tea sachet filling machines are typically constructed with materials that comply with food safety regulations and include features for easy cleaning and maintenance to ensure product integrity.

7. Easy integration: Many machines can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines, enabling smooth integration with other packaging equipment such as cartoners or secondary packaging machines.

8. User-friendly interface: The machine may feature a user-friendly control panel or interface, allowing operators to set up, adjust, and monitor filling parameters, as well as control the overall operation of the machine.

9. Quality control features: Advanced tea sachet filling machines may incorporate systems for detecting and rejecting improperly filled or sealed sachets, ensuring product quality and reducing waste.

10. High-speed operation: Tea sachet filling machines are designed for high-speed production to meet the demands of large-scale tea manufacturing, ensuring efficient packaging and higher productivity.

By utilizing a tea sachet filling machine, tea producers can automate the filling and sealing process, enhance production efficiency, maintain consistency in tea quality, and optimize the packaging of tea products.

English Display
Inner Bag
Photo Eye


Filling arrange

1-5g or customed

Packing Speed

30- 40 bag

Tag Size

W:40-55mm , L:20-24mm

Thread Length


Inner Bag

L:50-70mm , W:50-80mm

Outer Bag

L:80-120mm , W:70-90mm

Total Power




Machine Weight