Small Bottle Filling And Capping Machine(E-Liquid,Essential Oil,VG PG Seed Oil,Speed 30-40 Bottles Per Minute)

It is applied to fill small bottle into various round and flat plastic bottles or glass bottle. The range is from 10 to 150ml. The cam has high precision, which can offeres a regular plate to position, corking and capping.



Brief Introduction of Our L40 Essential Oil Filling Capping Machine:
It is applied to fill small bottle into various round and flat plastic bottles or glass bottle. The range is from 10 to 150ml. The cam has high precision, which can offeres a regular plate to position, corking and capping. Accelerating cam moves capping heads going up and down. The capping station constantly working to get suitable capping torque. The machine adopts touch screen to control all the movement, the filling volume is adjust on touch screen; for the small volume 10-150ml, the machine standard is equipped with peristaltic pump(servo). During the filling process, if the machine does not sense the bottle, it will not carry out filling and capping.

Four Competitive Edges of Our L40 Essential Oil Filling Capping Machine:
1.It can carry out man-machine dialogue, simple and easy to operate, very convenient, with accurate filling liquid level.
2.The running speed of the host is step frequency conversion, which can control the number of products.
3.When the machine breaks down, it will be prompted, such as pressing down, no refueling, no plug, etc.
4.If there is no filling, or if there is no lid, it will stop.

The working principle of a vial filling machine involves a series of steps that begin with the sterilization of the vials and end with the labeling and packaging of the filled vials.

The following are the main steps involved in the vial filling process:

1.Vial sterilization: Before the filling process begins, the vials are sterilized using a sterilization tunnel or an autoclave to ensure that the product remains free from contamination.

2.Filling the vials: The liquid or powder product is drawn from the holding tank and dispensed into the vials using a filling station. The filling station consists of a nozzle that accurately measures and dispenses the product into the vials. The filling process can be controlled using different mechanisms such as volumetric or gravimetric filling, depending on the nature of the product being filled.

3.Cap placement: After the vials are filled, they are moved to a cap placement station, where the caps or stoppers are placed on the vials to seal the contents inside. This step is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the product and preventing contamination.

4.Labeling: Once the vials are capped, they are moved to the labeling station, where the labels are printed and applied to the vials. The labels may contain information such as product name, dosage, batch number, and expiry date.

5.Packaging: The filled and labeled vials are then packaged into boxes or cartons, ready for distribution.

The entire process is highly automated, and the vial filling machine incorporates sensors and control systems to ensure accurate filling and sealing of the vials. The machine is also equipped with cleaning and sanitization systems to maintain the highest level of product quality and safety.

Electrical Machinery
Cap Screwing
Filling Head



Filling Volume10-150ml
Filling Precision≤±1%
Power Supply380V/50Hz (Can customize)
Capping Rate≥99%
Stoppering Rate≥99%
Air Supply1.3 m3/h 0.4-0.8Mpa
AC Conta ctorSchneider
Frequency TransformerTaian
MotorQi peng
Air CylinderAIR TAC
The electromagnatic valveAIR TAC
Touch ScreenSchneider
Photoelectric DetectionSick



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A:Yes, We are factory, all machine is made by ourself and we can provide customize service according to your requirement.

Q: How can I ensure that I get high-quality machine?

A:As a manufacturer, we have a strict supervision and control of every manufacturing step from raw materials purchasing, brands choosing to parts processing, assembling and testing.

Q: How can I install my machine when it arrives?

A: We not only send a technician to install it, but we also send your contactor to help you install and train it.

Q: What about your warranty?

A: Our warranty is 1 year, all machine parts can be replaced free of charge within 1 year if they are broken (not including those made by man).

Q: What is the material of your machine?

A: Our machine is using SUS 316L for touch products and the rest of the machine’s appearance is SUS304.

Q: What do you do with the different voltage between you and our country?

A: We will make the machine as the voltage of your site, and transfer our 380V to your voltage to test your finished machine.