ZF4 Oil Filling Capping Machine ( Speed 300 bottles per hour )

It can be used in lube oil, chemical material, Detergent, bean oil, industry oil, paint and other same kinds of goods.

The ZF4 Oil Filling Capping Machine is an ideal solution for businesses looking to speed up the oil filling and capping processes. With impressive speeds of up to 300 bottles per hour, this efficient machine offers precise and accurate results with minimal manual intervention. Enjoy a fast and reliable operation without additional costs due to operational delays or errors. The ZF4 oil-filling capping machine is perfect for any oil-filling task that requires efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.



Brief Introduction of Our ZF4 Oil Filling Capping Machine:
It can be used in lube oil, chemical material, Detergent, bean oil, industry oil, paint and other same kinds of goods.

The Function of Our ZF4 Oil Filling Capping Machine:
1.System with automatic sensing bottle and then filling,no filling without a bottle
2.The machine can control the filling errorless than 1‰
3.The filling sequence is 5L-30L
4.The machine will calibrate the filling volume system by itself
5.According to different bottles and caps, they are made in one pair
6.Equipped with cleaning device

Four Competitive Edges of Our ZF4 Oil Filling Capping Machine:
1.It uses PLC control system and weighing system, and the two systems are used in combination.
2.It sets fixed channel parameters and adopts large flow mass to approach the target value. For metering and filling, increase small flow
3.This is the best adjustable filling equipment for a wide range of capacities from 5L to 30L. It can be matched with capping machine and labeling machine to form a complete production process.
4.The operation of the machine is very stable. The machine has reliable quality, high production efficiency, strong self-regulation ability, high filling accuracy and meets the requirements of GMP

Something for Your Attention Before Making Your Order:
The machine is guaranteed for one year. If you want to extend the warranty period, you can contact our staff.

If the machine parts are broken in daily use, we will replace them after receiving free DH notice.



Filling Head4heads
Filling Volum5-30L
Filling Speed300PBH(20liters basis)
Power Supply220V/380V
Bucket Length180mm-300mm
Bucket Width120mm-250mm
bucket Height280mm-450mm
Metering Error≤±0.5%
Air Consumption0.6m3/min
Working Pressure0.55Mpa-0.65Mpa
Dimension2500mm × 1800mm× 2500mm
Weight800 kg
Touch ScreenCanada
PLCSchneider, France
Weighing SensorCanada
Weight DisplayCanada
Solenoid ValveTaiwan Yadeke
CylinderTaiwan Yadeke
Gas Source TreatmentTaiwan Yadeke
Photoelectric SystemJapan Stately
Pneumatic OriginalTaiwan Yadeke
Utton and Other Low-voltage ElectricalSchneider, France
Switching Mode Power SupplyTaiwan Meanwell
Machine Material BoxThe material contact position is 316, and the other part is 304 stainless steel



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