Semi Automatic Bag Filling Machine ( Speed 120 bags per hour )

Increase productivity, reduce errors, and save time with the Semi-Automatic Bag Filling Machine. This versatile machine offers speeds of up to 120 bags per hour, making it perfect for low-volume production. Thanks to its compact size and intuitive design, this machine reliably produces accurate results every single time. Get more done with less effort – take advantage of the streamlined workflow of the Semi-Automatic Bag Filling Machine and get the most out of your resources.



Bag filling machines are designed to increase productivity and reduce labor costs in industries that require packaging and filling of products in bags. These machines can be fully automated or semi-automated and can handle bags of various sizes, weights, and materials.

Bag filling machines can be integrated with other equipment such as conveyors, bagging scales, and bag sealers to create a complete packaging line. The machines can also be customized to meet specific production needs and requirements.

One of the most important features of bag filling machines is their accuracy. The machines can accurately weigh and fill bags with the exact amount of product required. This ensures that each bag is filled with the same amount of product, which is essential for quality control and customer satisfaction.

Bag filling machines can also improve safety in the workplace. By automating the bag filling process, workers are exposed to fewer hazards and risks, such as lifting heavy bags or exposure to harmful substances.

In addition, bag filling machines can improve product quality and consistency. The machines can fill bags with products without creating dust or spills, which can lead to contamination and product loss. This ensures that the products are of high quality and meet the required standards.

It is the 304 stainless steel that we use for the rotor pump and servo motor to absorb and translation, so it can operate steadily and have a high efficiency of filling.

Semi automatic single head filling capping machine:

It is the 304 stainless steel that we use for the rotor pump and servo motor to absorb and translation, so it can operate steadily and have a high efficiency of filling.

The working process of the machine:

1.Fix the bag into the filling position manually, the filling head will automatically fill the bag.
2.Place the cover on the cover transporting belt and it will take the cover to the bottom of the rotary station.
3.The cylinder in a higher place will push the covers to the rotary cap. Then it will automatically move them to the position matching the bag mouth.
4.After finishing the package, the machine automatically unload the covered bags and transport them to the next procedure via the conveyor belt.



Applicable bag typebox in the bag
Filling and capping speedabout 120 bags / hour
Applicable bag diametercustomized according to customers’ bags
Measurement error≤±3‰
Filling capacity100-5000ML and 1L-20L
Power sourceAC220V, single phase, 50HZ
Total power2.5KW
Dimensions1400mm × 720mm × 1700mm (length × width × height)
Touch screenXinjie color screen
PLC programmableSchneider, France
Solenoid valveTaiwan Yadeke
CylinderTaiwan Yadeke
Gas source treatmentTaiwan Yadeke
Low-voltage electrical appliancesSchneider, France
304 stainless steel rotor pumpZhejiang Ligao
Servo motorTaiwan Dongyuan
Material304 stainless steel is used in contact with the material