Coffee Can Filling Machine(Speed 1000-2000 Cans Per Hour)

This machine uses the normal pressure filling system, which can fill canned non carbonated beverages such as fruit juice, cold brewed coffee, energy drinks, herbal tea and alcoholic beverages, with the temperature of 0-4 ℃ cold filling or 80-85 ℃ hot filling.



A coffee can filling machine is a type of industrial equipment used to automate the process of filling coffee cans with coffee grounds.  These machines are designed to increase efficiency and accuracy in the packaging process.

Coffee can filling machines typically consist of a conveyor system that moves empty coffee cans along a production line.  The cans are then filled with coffee grounds through a series of automated steps.  These steps may include measuring and dispensing the appropriate amount of coffee into each can, as well as sealing the cans to ensure product freshness.

The filling process can vary depending on the specific machine and manufacturer.  Some machines use volumetric or gravimetric measuring systems to accurately dispense the desired amount of coffee into each can.  Others may employ auger or piston filling mechanisms to achieve precise filling levels.

Coffee can filling machines are commonly used in large-scale coffee production facilities, where high volumes of coffee need to be packaged quickly and efficiently.  These machines help streamline the packaging process, reduce labor costs, and maintain consistent product quality.

Key features and benefits of a coffee can filling machine include:

1.Automation: Coffee can filling machines automate the process of filling coffee cans, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing production efficiency.

2.Accuracy: These machines are designed to ensure precise measurement and filling of coffee grounds into each can, maintaining consistent product quality and reducing waste.

3.Speed: Coffee can filling machines can fill a large number of cans quickly, significantly increasing production output compared to manual filling methods.

4.Versatility: Many coffee can filling machines can handle various can sizes and configurations, accommodating different packaging requirements and allowing for flexibility in production.

5.Hygiene and cleanliness: These machines are typically constructed with food-grade materials and feature easy-to-clean surfaces, ensuring high levels of hygiene and minimizing the risk of contamination.

6.Sealing capabilities: Some coffee can filling machines include integrated sealing mechanisms, allowing for a complete packaging process that ensures product freshness and extends shelf life.

7.Customization options: Depending on the specific machine and manufacturer, coffee can filling machines may offer customizable settings and programmable controls to meet specific production needs and preferences.

Aluminum Lid Seaming System
Inline Can Rinser
Liquid Nitrogen Doser





Filling Heads

12 piece

Sealing Heads


Production Capacity

10 00-2 0 00CPH based on 330ml

Filling Temperature

0-4 ℃

Can Diameter Range

Ф 40 – 90 MM

Can Height

92 -1 68 MM


1 80 0*1 30 0*1950mm






Schneider (France)

Touch Screen

Siemens (Optional)

AC Contactor

Schneider (France)


Mitsubishi (Japan) / Siemens (Optional)

Frequency Changer

Schneider (France)

Air Cylinder

AirTAC (China) / FESTO (Optional)

Solenoid Valve

AirTAC (China) / FESTO (Optional)


Omron (Japan) / Schneider (France)

Photoelectric Sensor

Autonics (Korea) / Omron (Optional)

Proximity Switch

Autonics / Omron (Optional)