Automatic Milk Powder Filling Machine ( Speed 20-30 bottles per minute )

The machine is composed of powder filling head, chain plate conveyer belt and positioning device. It can complete automatic positioning, filling and measuring work of the bottle. Using servo (or step) motor and PLC touch screen, the operation is simple and the stability is high.



Brief Introduction of Our Automatic Milk Powder Filling Machine:
It is composed of powder filling head, chain plate conveyor belt and positioning device. It can automatically locate bottles, fill and measure. The machine uses servo (or step) motor and PLC touch screen, simple and easy to operate, very stable, and bottle cutting machine, capping machine, labeling machine into a full set of filling line, used to pack powder, granular materials, such as powder, small particle drugs, veterinary drugs, glucose, spices, solid drinks, toner, talc, pesticides, etc.. It can be installed according to different materials, but also according to the packaging speed requirements of the production of two, three, four equipment.

A bottle filling machine is a piece of equipment used in manufacturing or packaging industries to automatically fill bottles with a specific amount of liquid or semi-liquid substance, such as water, juice, soda, oil, or medicine.  The machine typically consists of a conveyor belt that moves empty bottles to the filling station, where the substance is dispensed into the bottle using a nozzle or a valve.  

The filling level is usually controlled by a sensor or a timer, and the machine can be adjusted to fill bottles of different sizes and shapes.  Once the bottles are filled, they are typically capped or sealed before being moved to the next stage of the production process.  Bottle filling machines are used to increase production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent quality and accuracy in filling operations.

The exact operation of a bottle filling machine can vary depending on the specific design and features of the machine.

Here are the basic steps that a bottle filling machine may use:

1.Bottle preparation: Empty bottles are fed into the machine, either manually or through an automated conveyor system.

2.Bottle positioning: The machine typically uses guides or sensors to ensure that each bottle is positioned correctly for filling.

3.Filling process: The filling process begins with the nozzle or valve of the machine dispensing a set amount of the liquid or semi-liquid substance into the bottle.  The filling level may be controlled by a sensor or a timer, and the machine may use a variety of mechanisms to ensure accurate filling, such as positive displacement pumps, gravity fillers, or volumetric fillers.

4.Cap or seal application: Once the bottles are filled, the machine may apply caps, lids, or other types of seals to the bottles.  This process may involve placing the cap on the bottle and screwing it on or pressing it down.

5.Bottle ejection: The filled and capped bottles are then ejected from the machine onto a conveyor system or packaging line, where they can be inspected and prepared for shipping or storage.

In some cases, bottle filling machines may include additional features such as rinsing or cleaning stations, label applicators, or quality control systems to ensure that the bottles are filled accurately and to a high standard of quality.



Air Pressure0.6-0.8 Mpa
Production Capacity20-30BPM
Filling Volume50-1000ml
Filling Precision99%
TypeFilling Machine
ApplicationFood, Medical, Chemical
Driven TypeElectric
Place of OriginJiangsu, China (Mainland)
NamePowder Filling Machine
Filling materialPowder
Filling head1 Head
ControlTouch Screen
Automatic GradeAutomatic
FunctionFilling powder
PackingStandard export wooden box
After-sales Service ProvidedOnline support, Video technical support, Free spare parts