Liquid Soap Detergent Filling Machine(ZF20 20 Heads Piston Filling Machine)

Liquid soap filling machines can be customized to handle different types of liquid soap products, including hand soap, dish soap, body wash, and more. They can also be designed to fill containers of various shapes and sizes, including bottles, jars, and pouches. The machine can be equipped with a range of features, such as drip-free nozzles, anti-foaming mechanisms, and automatic capping systems.



A liquid soap filling machine is a type of packaging equipment used to fill liquid soap products into containers of different shapes and sizes. 

These machines are widely used in the personal care and cleaning industries, including by manufacturers of liquid soap products, contract packaging companies, and private label manufacturers.


The working principle of a liquid soap filling machine is based on the displacement of liquid through a nozzle or a set of nozzles into the containers.  The machine typically consists of a hopper, a conveyor belt or a turntable, a filling nozzle or nozzles, and a control system.

The liquid soap is poured into the hopper, which is located above the filling nozzle.  The hopper ensures that the liquid is fed into the nozzle at a consistent rate.  

The containers are then fed onto the conveyor belt or the turntable, which moves them to the filling station.  

The filling nozzle then dispenses the liquid soap into each container, usually through a controlled volume or weight measurement.

The machine’s control system ensures that the filling process is consistent, accurate, and efficient.  It can monitor the volume of the liquid soap in the hopper, control the filling speed, and adjust the filling level based on the container’s size and shape.


To help the work of the liquid soap filling machine, it is essential to ensure that the liquid soap is at the right temperature and viscosity for the filling process.  The liquid soap should be free of any solid particles or foreign objects that could clog the filling nozzle or interfere with the accuracy of the filling process.  Additionally, the containers should be clean and properly positioned on the conveyor belt or turntable to ensure a smooth and consistent filling process.

Regular maintenance of the liquid soap filling machine is also important to ensure its proper functioning.  This includes cleaning the filling nozzle and hopper, lubricating moving parts, and checking the control system for any errors or malfunctions.  By following these steps, the liquid soap filling machine can operate smoothly and efficiently, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the risk of downtime or product waste.


Some benefits of using a liquid soap filling machine include increased efficiency, improved accuracy and consistency in filling volume, reduced product wastage, and improved safety for operators.

The machine can also be designed to meet regulatory compliance standards, such as FDA or cGMP, ensuring that the product is safe and meets quality standards.

Overall, a liquid soap filling machine is a valuable investment for manufacturers of liquid soap products who are looking to improve their production efficiency and reduce costs.



Filling head 20 heads
Filling volume range 200-250000ml
Production speed ≤4000 Bph basis on 1000ml bottle
Voltage 220v/380v

Suitable bottle’s diameter


Filling error


Work pressure



2800mm × 1400mm× 2500mm


Touch screenCanada xinjie color
Solenoid valveTaiwan Airtac
Optoelectronic systemOPTEX
Micro differential pressure switchNetherlands
Servo motorTaiwan TECO
Air source treatmentTaiwan Airtac
Button and low voltage electric applianceSchneider
Ball screwTaiwan
ReducerTaiwan VGM
Switching power supplyTaiwan meanwell
MaterialContact with the material parts of the 316 materials, and the rest of the 304 stainless steel