Liquid Soap Filling Machine(ZF8 Piston Shampoo Filling Machine)

Liquid soap filling machines come in various types, including both automatic and semi-automatic models, and can handle different container shapes and sizes, such as bottles, jars, and pouches. These machines can also be customized to fill different types of liquid soap products, such as hand soap, body wash, dish soap, and more.



An automatic liquid filling machine is a type of equipment used in the manufacturing and packaging industry to fill containers with liquid products.  The machine is designed to automatically fill a pre-determined amount of liquid into each container, typically bottles or jars, at a high speed and with a high degree of accuracy.

The machine works by first positioning the containers on a conveyor belt or other feeding mechanism, which then moves them under the filling heads of the machine.  The liquid is then dispensed from the filling heads into the containers, either by gravity or through a pump system, until the correct amount is reached.

The automatic liquid filling machine is widely used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical processing, where accurate and efficient filling of liquid products is required.  By using such machines, manufacturers can increase productivity and reduce labor costs, while ensuring consistent quality of their products.


Here are some advantages of choosing our liquid soap filling machine:

Increased efficiency: The use of a liquid soap filling machine can significantly increase the efficiency of the filling process.  The machine is capable of filling a large number of containers at a high speed, which can reduce the time and labor required for the process.

Accuracy and precision: The liquid soap filling machine is designed to fill each container with a precise amount of liquid.  This ensures consistent quality and reduces waste, as well as the risk of overfilling or underfilling.

Versatility: Liquid soap filling machines are versatile and can handle a wide range of container sizes and shapes, as well as different types of liquids.  This makes them ideal for use in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage.

Ease of use: The liquid soap filling machine is easy to operate and requires minimal training.  This means that even unskilled workers can use the machine, which can help reduce labor costs.

Cost-effective: The use of a liquid soap filling machine can be cost-effective in the long run.  The machine is durable and requires minimal maintenance, which can reduce repair costs and increase the lifespan of the machine.  Additionally, the accuracy and precision of the machine can reduce the cost of wasted materials.

Hygienic: The liquid soap filling machine is designed to meet strict hygiene standards, making it ideal for use in industries that require high levels of cleanliness, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.



Filling head 8 heads
Filling volume range 50-1000ml
(Use 1000ml piston cylinder)
Production speed
≤1800 Bph basis on 1000ml bottle

Suitable bottle’s diameter


Filling error


Work pressure



2000mm × 1400mm× 2500mm


Touch screenCanada xinjie color
Solenoid valveTaiwan Airtac
Optoelectronic systemOPTEX
Micro differential pressure switchNetherlands
Servo motorTaiwan TECO
Air source treatmentTaiwan Airtac
Button and low voltage electric applianceSchneider
Ball screwTaiwan
ReducerTaiwan VGM
Switching power supplyTaiwan meanwell
MaterialContact with the material parts of the 316 materials, and the rest of the 304 stainless steel