ZG-1 Semi Automatic Liquid Soap Filling Machine(Speed 1-50 Bottles Per Minute)

A liquid soap filling machine is a type of packaging machinery designed to fill containers with liquid soap products. It is a specialized form of a liquid filling machine that is tailored specifically for the viscosity and foaming characteristics of liquid soap.



A semi-automatic liquid filling machine is a type of packaging equipment used to fill liquid products into containers of different shapes and sizes.  The machine typically consists of a conveyor system, filling nozzles, a control panel, and a pump or gravity feed system to transfer the liquid product from a storage tank to the filling nozzles.

The semi-automatic liquid filling machine is designed to provide a more efficient and accurate filling process than manual filling, while still allowing some manual intervention.  The operator manually places the container to be filled on the conveyor system and initiates the filling process, while the machine automatically dispenses the appropriate amount of liquid product into the container.

Some of the key features of a semi-automatic liquid filling machine include:

Versatility: The machine can be customized to handle a variety of liquid products, including water, juice, oil, and more.

Accuracy: The machine can measure and control the amount of liquid dispensed, leading to consistent fill volumes and improved accuracy.

Efficiency: The machine can fill containers at a faster rate than manual filling, leading to increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

Easy to use: The machine can be operated with minimal training, making it easy for operators to use and maintain.

Customizable: The machine can be designed to handle different container shapes and sizes, as well as different types of liquid formulations, making it adaptable to different production needs.

Cost-effective: The use of a semi-automatic liquid filling machine can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, leading to cost savings and increased profitability.

Overall, a semi-automatic liquid filling machine is a valuable investment for manufacturers of liquid products who are looking to improve their production efficiency and reduce costs, while still allowing some manual intervention in the filling process.


Air Pressure0.4-0.6MPa 
Filling Speed1-50 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy±1%
Filling Range10-20ML. 25-250ML.
250-2500ML. 1000-5000ML
Weight60 Kg
Filling MaterialJuice, Oil, Water, Sauce, Toothpaste, Cosmetic Cream, Hand Cream, Honey and etc
Note: If you need special customization. please feel free contact me.