Tincture Bottle Filler(Syrup,Tincture,Essential Oil,Speed 10-40 Bottles Per Minute)

Tincture filling machines play a critical role in this process, ensuring accurate and efficient filling of tinctures into different bottle or container sizes and shapes.
They are designed to be efficient, reliable, and precise, ensuring consistent filling of each bottle or container.



A semi-automatic tincture filling machine is a device used for filling liquid extracts of medicinal herbs or other plants into bottles or containers in a semi-automated way. Unlike manual tincture filling machines, semi-automatic machines have some degree of automation that helps increase production efficiency and reduce operator error. Here are some features of a semi-automatic tincture filling machine:

1.Semi-automatic filling: The machine is equipped with a dosing system that automates the filling process, ensuring accurate and consistent filling of each bottle or container, while still requiring some manual operation.

2.Multiple filling technologies: Semi-automatic tincture filling machines can use different filling technologies, such as piston, peristaltic, and gear pumps, to fill products of different viscosities.

3.Easy to operate: The machine is designed to be easy to operate, with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training.

4.Flexibility: Semi-automatic tincture filling machines can handle different bottle or container sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a range of production needs.

5.High accuracy: Semi-automatic tincture filling machines ensure precise and consistent filling of each bottle or container, resulting in high product quality.

6.Affordable: Semi-automatic tincture filling machines are generally more affordable than their fully automatic counterparts, making them a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized manufacturers.

Overall, semi-automatic tincture filling machines offer a balance between automation and manual operation, providing increased efficiency and accuracy in tincture filling while still being affordable and easy to operate. They are suitable for small to medium-sized manufacturers that require some level of automation but may not have the budget or production needs for a fully automatic tincture filling machine.


Filling Volume5-1000ml
Filling Nozzle4 or 6 nozzles
Output10-40 bottles per minute
Filling Error+/-1%
Applicable Bottle Body Diamter≤φ90mm
Maximum Diameter≤φ20mm
Power Supply3/N AC380V/220V
Air Extraction Rate5.5 (explosion-proof type 4)