ZF8 Shampoo Filling Machine(Cream,Paste,Honey,Speed 1800 Bottles Per Hour)

An automatic shampoo filling machine is a fully automated machine that can perform all the necessary functions required to fill shampoo into containers, such as bottles or pouches, without human intervention. The process is controlled by a computer, and the machine can automatically dispense, measure, and fill the shampoo, cap the containers, and label them.



This shampoo filling machine is designed to fill containers, such as bottles or pouches, with shampoo in a precise and efficient manner.  The machine can perform a series of functions to automate the filling process, including:

1.Dispensing shampoo from a storage tank or hopper into a dosing unit or nozzle.

2.Measuring and controlling the amount of shampoo dispensed to ensure the correct filling volume.

3.Transporting the containers to the filling station, which may include a conveyor or other feeding mechanism.

4.Positioning the containers accurately under the filling nozzle.

5.Dispensing the shampoo into the containers at a consistent speed and with minimal wastage.

6.Capping the containers, either automatically or with manual assistance, depending on the type of machine.

7.Labeling the containers, if required, either automatically or with manual assistance.

Shampoo filling machines can be designed to handle a variety of container shapes and sizes, as well as different types of shampoo formulations, including thick or viscous liquids, foaming products, and more.  The machine can also be customized with additional features, such as agitation or heating, to ensure that the shampoo is dispensed at the right consistency and temperature.


Some advantages of using a shampoo filling machine can include:

1.Increased efficiency: A shampoo filling machine can fill a high volume of containers in a short amount of time, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.


2.Improved accuracy: The machine can dispense shampoo accurately and consistently, ensuring that each container is filled with the same amount of product, reducing waste and improving product quality.

3.Cost-effective: The use of a shampoo filling machine can reduce labor costs, minimize product waste, and increase production capacity, making it a cost-effective investment in the long run.

4.Consistent quality: The use of a shampoo filling machine can result in consistent product quality, reducing variations in filling volumes, which can affect the performance and effectiveness of the shampoo.

5.Hygienic: Some machines may have features such as easy-to-clean surfaces or contact parts, ensuring hygienic filling and minimizing the risk of product contamination.

6.Customizable: A shampoo filling machine can be customized to accommodate different types of containers, filling volumes, and shampoo formulations, making it versatile and adaptable to different production needs.



Filling head 8 heads
Filling volume range 50-1000ml
(Use 1000ml piston cylinder)
Production speed ≤1800 Bph basis on 1000ml bottle
Voltage 220v/380v
Power 3kw

Suitable bottle’s diameter


Filling error


Work pressure



2000mm × 1400mm× 2500mm


Touch screenCanada xinjie color
Solenoid valveTaiwan Airtac
Optoelectronic systemOPTEX
Micro differential pressure switchNetherlands
Servo motorTaiwan TECO
Air source treatmentTaiwan Airtac
Button and low voltage electric applianceSchneider
Ball screwTaiwan
ReducerTaiwan VGM
Switching power supplyTaiwan meanwell
MaterialContact with the material parts of the 316 materials, and the rest of the 304 stainless steel