V01 Shampoo Bottle Filler(Liquid,Sauce,Oil,5-25 Bottles Per Hour)

Shampoo filling machines can be designed to handle a variety of container shapes and sizes, as well as different types of shampoo formulations, including thick or viscous liquids, foaming products, and more.



The semi-automatic shampoo filling machine works by using a combination of pneumatic and mechanical systems to control the filling process. The machine is typically composed of several components, including a hopper, dosing unit or nozzle, filling station, and controls.


A semi-automatic shampoo filling machine works by partially automating the shampoo filling process while still requiring some manual assistance from an operator. The working principle of a typical semi-automatic shampoo filling machine involves the following steps:

1.Container preparation: The operator manually loads empty containers onto the filling machine, ensuring that they are properly positioned and stabilized.
2.Filling preparation: The operator sets the desired filling volume on the machine and prepares the shampoo for filling by pouring it into the machine’s hopper or storage tank.
3.Filling process: The operator activates the machine’s filling cycle, which dispenses shampoo from the hopper into the dosing unit or nozzle. The operator then manually positions the nozzle over each container and activates the filling cycle to dispense the shampoo into the container until the desired filling volume is reached.
4.Capping and labeling: After the containers are filled, the operator manually caps and labels them, either by hand or using an additional piece of equipment.


A semi-automatic shampoo filling machine can provide several advantages, including:

1.Cost-effective: Compared to fully automatic shampoo filling machines, semi-automatic machines are generally more affordable and require lower upfront costs, making them a good option for smaller businesses or those with limited budgets.

2.Customizable: Semi-automatic machines can be designed to handle a wide range of container sizes and shampoo formulations, making them versatile and adaptable to different production needs.

3.Easy to operate: Semi-automatic machines are generally easy to operate, with simple controls and user-friendly interfaces.  They do not require highly skilled or trained operators, which can save on labor costs.

4.Consistent filling: Semi-automatic machines can provide consistent filling volume, ensuring that each container is filled with the same amount of product.  This can improve product quality and reduce product wastage.

5.Scalable: Semi-automatic machines can be upgraded or modified as production needs change, allowing businesses to increase production capacity over time.

6.Low maintenance: Semi-automatic machines require less maintenance than fully automatic machines, which can reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Overall, a semi-automatic shampoo filling machine can provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses looking to automate their shampoo filling process while still maintaining some degree of manual control.






220V/380V 50/60HZ



Air Pressure


Filling Speed

5-25 bottles/min

Filling Accuracy




Filling Range




35 Kg

Filling Material

Juice, Oil, Water, Sauce, Toothpaste, Cosmetic Cream, Hand Cream, Honey and etc

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