Hot Melt Glue Stick Filling Machine With Cooling Tunnel



A hot melt glue stick filling machine is a specialized equipment used for automated filling of hot melt adhesive (glue) sticks into their respective packaging. Here’s an introduction to its key features and benefits:

Key Features:

1. Melting System: The machine incorporates a heating system that melts the hot melt adhesive, usually in solid stick form, into a liquid state for filling. It typically consists of a heated reservoir or tank where the adhesive sticks are placed and melted.

2. Filling Mechanism: The filling mechanism of the machine involves a conveyor system that transports empty glue stick packaging to the filling station. The melted adhesive is then dispensed into the packaging through nozzles or needles, ensuring precise and controlled filling.

3. Temperature Control: Hot melt glue stick filling machines have temperature control features to maintain the adhesive at the optimal melting point, ensuring consistent viscosity and flow during the filling process.

4. Adjustable Filling Parameters: These machines often allow adjustment of filling parameters such as fill volume, speed, and accuracy to accommodate different glue stick sizes and packaging specifications.

5. Conveyor and Transfer Systems: The machine is equipped with a conveyor system that smoothly moves the empty glue stick packaging through the filling process. It may include mechanisms such as belts, rollers, or robotic arms for precise positioning and transferring of the adhesive sticks.


1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Hot melt glue stick filling machines automate the filling process, significantly increasing production efficiency and output. They can fill a large number of glue sticks accurately and quickly, reducing labor requirements and bottlenecks.

2. Precise and Consistent Filling: These machines ensure accurate and consistent filling of hot melt adhesive sticks, maintaining uniform quantities in each stick. This consistency enhances product quality and reliability.

3. Reduction in Waste and Downtime: The precise control over filling parameters minimizes adhesive wastage and reduces downtime associated with manual filling errors or interruptions.

4. Easy Operation and Maintenance: Hot melt glue stick filling machines are designed for user-friendly operation, featuring intuitive controls and interfaces. They are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation.

5. Versatility and Adaptability: These machines can handle various glue stick sizes and packaging formats, providing flexibility to meet different production requirements. They are suitable for different industries that utilize hot melt adhesive sticks, such as packaging, woodworking, or crafts.

6. Cost Savings: By automating the filling process, a hot melt glue stick filling machine helps reduce labor costs, minimize adhesive wastage, and optimize production efficiency. This leads to overall cost savings in the manufacturing process.

In summary, a hot melt glue stick filling machine offers increased efficiency, precise filling, versatility, and cost savings, making it an essential equipment for industries that utilize hot melt adhesive sticks.



Filling Quantity1-50ml
Gas Consumption0.5-0.6 m³/min
Air Pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Filling MaterialEpoxy resin glue
Capacity20-40 bpm
Hopper Heating Power0.75KW
Heating Temperature72℃
Filling FormPiston Filling
Touch ScreenTECO
Air CylinderCNCO
Approach SwitchPefun 
Variable-frequency Drive TECO
Solenoid ValveSMUK
Screw Caps MotorHongkong Dongfang
Pressure Regulating ValveSUMK