High Viscosity Planetary Mixer (Stirring Speed 0-100 rpm)

It can be adopted in adhesive, silicone, battery slurry, medicine, daily chemical, fine chemical, petrochemical and other polymer new material industries. It can not only carry out vacuum stirring, but also has the function of dispersion. It can dissolve or mix powder, materials with high viscosity and high density at high speed. It is very suitable for mixing anode and cathode paste in the process of lithium electricity experiment. It is also suitable for other glue, chemical and other industries. It can be used with the press to press the material out of the drum.



The term “high viscosity planetary mixer” typically refers to a planetary mixer that is specifically designed to handle materials with exceptionally high viscosity. While standard planetary mixers can handle a wide range of viscosities, a high viscosity planetary mixer is optimized to efficiently mix and process materials that have extremely thick or sticky consistency.


Here are some features and characteristics commonly associated with high viscosity planetary mixers:

1. Robust Construction: High viscosity planetary mixers are built with sturdy materials, such as heavy-duty stainless steel, to withstand the forces exerted by highly viscous materials during the mixing process.

2. Powerful Motor: These mixers are equipped with powerful motors to provide the necessary torque for effectively mixing and kneading high-viscosity substances. The motor ensures that the planetary blades can rotate and orbit smoothly even when faced with resistance.

3. Enhanced Mixing Action: High viscosity planetary mixers often feature specialized blade designs to optimize the mixing action for thick materials. These blades may include additional scrapers or specially shaped profiles that aid in breaking down agglomerates and achieving uniform blending.

4. Variable Speed Control: The mixers usually offer variable speed control, allowing operators to adjust the rotation and revolution speeds of the planetary blades to accommodate different viscosity levels and achieve the desired mixing results.

5. Heating/Cooling Options: Some high viscosity planetary mixers may have optional heating or cooling capabilities, such as built-in jackets or external heating/cooling systems. These features enable temperature control during the mixing process, which can be crucial for certain high-viscosity materials.

6. Safety Features: Given the demanding nature of mixing high-viscosity substances, safety features are often incorporated into these mixers. These may include emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and overload protection mechanisms to prevent accidents or equipment damage.


High viscosity planetary mixers are commonly used in industries such as adhesives, sealants, polymers, and certain food processing applications. They are ideal for formulations that require thorough mixing, dispersion of additives, or the incorporation of high levels of fillers or thickeners. These mixers provide efficient and reliable mixing performance for challenging high-viscosity materials, ensuring consistent and high-quality end products.


Vessel(Dia. x Dep.) φ600×460
Full volume 130L
Working Volume 100L
Dispersing power 5.5KW
Stirring Power 7.5KW
Stirring speed 0-100rpm
Scraper speed 0-60rpm