BwFilling series fillers

BwFilling series stuffing is very affordable and easy to clean, and the filling level keeps pace with the time. The pressure of the selected product delivery pump remains unchanged. In order to maintain the same filling level, the time of product flowing into the container can be regulated.


The pump shall be compatible with the intended product and filling technology. The following pump technologies are suggested for the pipe clamping series packing:

• Positive displacement 

• Centrifugal 

• Pressure pot 



Positive Displacement Pumps

Gear pump belongs to the large category of positive displacement pump. The pump has tidy moderate viscous liquids, which can produce suitable pressure levels. When the product delivery pipe is closed by squeezing, the gear pump needs a bypass path to discharge pressure. The gear pump needs to be filled with oil and cannot operate when it is dry.


Centrifugal Pumps

The impeller and shell of the centrifugal pump are made of stainless steel, which is more convenient for disinfection. Particulates can be tolerated in the product. When the product delivery pipe is squeezed, the centrifugal pump will not overpressure the product delivery pipe. Such pumps are often self-priming and may run dry in a short time. It is not suitable for foam products.


Gravity Feeding

Install a buffer tank on the filler head filled with product with one of the above pumps. It is not necessary to stir the gravity feed product and flow it into the container smoothly.


Pressure Pot

Put the product in a two gallon or five gallon pressure tank. The air hose is connected to a sealed canister. The product is pushed through the filler by the air pressure and then discharged from the spray head .

The product is delivered through the manifold, which has an output port for the product delivery nozzle. Each manifold port is connected to the nozzle through a product delivery pipe. The product conveying pipe acts between the clamping rod and the clamping plate, and can be closed according to the command. The product flow path of BwFilling packing is smooth, and the cleaning effect is better than that of traditional valve system.

Each nozzle is equipped with a flow regulator to balance the flow between nozzles. The flow rate of each nozzle is set, the filling dose is equal, and is decided by the opening time of the clamping rod. The timing of the clamping rod is controlled by a microprocessor, accurate to one hundredth of a second.

In order to find a suitable nozzle type and size for a specific product, laboratory tests are required to use a variety of different types of nozzles. The nozzle requirements of each product are different. For example, when the nozzle diameter matches the surface tension of the product, there will be bubbles at the nozzle tip. This bubble prevents dripping at the end of filling. In other cases, filter screen can be installed in the nozzle to avoid foaming. Chemical compatibility of product contact parts needs to be evaluated. The contact parts are product pipe, manifold and pump. The type of elastomer required is determined by filling temperature and product wear resistance. Common elastomers include:

• Fluoroelastomers 

• Buna 

• Silicon 

• Encapsulated Silicon 

• Teflon


Automatic Models

The auto filler can fill 12 containers at the same time. Touch screen controls support other fill methods. Most applications will move a set of empty containers to a location to be filled at the same time. Some products need to be filled step by step.


The figure on the right shows the step filling. In order to allow the container to distribute a partial dose at each filling station, set flow control and filling time until the container leaves the last filling station and the container is full. Foam products can use this technology.


The full pneumatic upgrade can be used to fill flammable products, including the pneumatic logic for the operation of pneumatic container sensors, timers and dividers, and the upgrade of container counts.

Products compatible with pinch series fillers.


Personal Care








Pet Food

Fruit Juices

Essential Oils



Pet Shampoo

Fruit Extracts

Nail Polish

Motor Oil




Nail Polish Remover



Insect Repellent

Liquid Coffee

Lip Balm

Carpet Cleaners

Saline Solution

Vitamin Drinks

Liquid Soap


Cough Medicine

Alcoholic Beverages

Sun Tan Lotion





Tomato Juice

Hair Conditioner

Window Cleaners

Vegetable Oil

Hand & Body Lotion

Stain Removers

Hot Sauce

Hair Spray

Laundry Detergent

Salad Dressing

Makeup Remover

Food Coloring

Personal Lubricants


Personal Oils


Douche & Enemas


Mouth Wash

Bubble Bath