Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine(Speed 60-90 Bottles Per Minute)

The machine typically includes a conveyor system to transport the containers to the filling station, and a capping mechanism to seal the containers after filling. The entire process is automated, which helps to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors or contamination.



A hand sanitizer filling machine is a type of equipment used to automatically fill bottles or containers with liquid hand sanitizer. The machine can be designed to fill a variety of bottle sizes and shapes, and can be adjusted to dispense different volumes of sanitizer per container. Hand sanitizer filling machines can be used in various settings, such as manufacturing facilities, packaging plants, and distribution centers. They are designed to speed up the filling process, reduce the risk of contamination, and increase overall efficiency. These machines typically use a combination of pumps, nozzles, and sensors to accurately dispense the sanitizer into each container.

The working principle of a hand sanitizer filling machine involves several steps:

1.Bottle Feeding: The machine first feeds empty bottles or containers into the filling station. This can be done manually or with the help of a conveyor belt system.

2.Sanitizer Filling: The machine uses a pump to transfer the liquid hand sanitizer from a storage tank to the filling nozzle. The filling nozzle dispenses a precise amount of sanitizer into each bottle as it passes through the filling station.

3.Capping: After the bottles are filled with sanitizer, the machine uses a capping mechanism to seal the bottles. This can be done using different types of caps, such as screw caps, snap-on caps, or pump dispensers.

4.Quality Control: The machine may also have sensors and other mechanisms to ensure that each bottle is filled to the correct level, has a secure cap, and meets other quality standards.

The main difference between an automatic hand sanitizer filling machine and a semi-automatic sanitizer filling machine is the degree of automation involved in the filling process.

An automatic hand sanitizer filling machine is fully automated and operates without the need for human intervention. The machine can perform all the steps of the filling process, from bottle feeding to capping and labeling, without any manual assistance. This type of machine is typically used in high-volume production environments where speed and efficiency are critical. Automatic machines can handle a larger volume of bottles per minute than a semi-automatic machine.



Filling Volume

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Rotation(rolling) Cover Pass Rate

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Power Supply




Magentic ContactorSchneider
Frequency TransformerMitsubishi
MotorJSCC made in Germany
Air CylinderAirtac
Soleniod ValveAirtac
Speed ReducerMade in Taiwan
Touch ScreenMitsubishi
 Fibre-optical Autonocs
 Switching Mode Power Supply NWELL
 Step Motor SNAYO made in Japan