Honey Stick Packing Machine ( Speed 20-40 sticks per minute )

Streamline your honey stick packing process with the Honey Stick Packing Machine. This powerful machine offers speeds of up to 20-40 sticks per minute, allowing you to quickly and efficiently package your honey products. Thanks to its robust construction and intuitive design, the Honey Stick Packing Machine ensures accuracy every time. Plus, they benefit from superior efficiency – get more done in less time and free up resources for other tasks. With the Honey Stick Packing Machine, you can quickly boost productivity levels.


Brief Introduction of Our Honey Stick Packaging Machine:

It can be used to fill pesticides, shampoo, shower gel, face cream, ingredient oil, jam, tomato sauce, honey shower gel, skin care lotion, toothpaste, cosmetic cream, jam, edible oil, tea, coffee, soy sauce and other food, pharmaceutical and chemical liquids.

Four Competitive Edges of Our Honey Stick Packaging Machine:

1.It can automatically make bags, measure ,fill and seal, and print counting date code.

2.The machine can be equipped with photoelectric tracking system or computer system.

3.PLC controller can set length, output alarm, speed and quantity, with buttons;

4.According to your requirements, the production and validity period can be installed on the encoding printer with 1-3 lines of characters.

5.It is equipped with eye mark system, which can cut the complete mark. If there is no film on the machine, it will stop automatically.

6.The packaging is good, the noise is low, the sealing is complete.

7.Paper / PE, PT / PE, PET / Al / PE, BOPP / PE, tea filter paper and other composite materials can be used for heat sealing.

We produce one of the best honey bag packaging machines, honey stick packaging machines and honey sachet packaging machines in the world. We have rich export experience and can provide you with high-quality service.




20-40 bags/min

Range of Measurement


Bag Size

(L)20-160 (W)20-100mm

Sealing Type

Back sealing



Total Power

380V/50HZ 220V/50-60HZ

Packing Material

Paper/the polyethylene,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc

Net Weight


Overall Dimensions(L)800*(W)800*(H)1800


Changtong (China)

PLC Controller

Mitsubishi/J apan

Stepping Motor

Jiangsu huanyu

Main Motor

Zhaoqing Zhongbao

Temperature Control Meter Module

Yuyao families meter

Color code Photoelectric

Zhejiang both

Intermediate Relay

Zhejiang both

Solid State Relay

Zhaoqing Zhongbao

Luck Film Motor

Jiangsu huanyu

Proximity Switch

Jiangsu huanyu

Push button Switch

Japan (OMRON)

Power switch

Japan (OMRON)

Color Printer for Date

China Nanyun

Machine Body

SS202 , Material Control Parts SS304


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